Full Dawah course covering major topics in English and Bangla

Syaikh Abdur Rahim Green giving an in-depth DAWAH course in India

Dr Shabir Alley – giving his DAWAH course in UK in 2014

Brother Yusha Evans giving a full DAWAH workshop

Dr Fazal Rahman from UK giving an in depth DAWAH workshop of his methods and techniques

Interesting take at answering some of the tough questions and breaking down some basic concepts that come up in Dawah conversations

In depth discussion about Atheism through a series of lectures!

DAWAH is easy By dr Fazal Rahman in UK

Dawah Training – Abdur Raheem McCarthy

How to give a shahada in ten minutes By shaykh Kamāl el Mekki

Dawah Training Seminar – Fadel Soliman

13 hour long course In depth by Dr Bilal Philips