Why is the Qur’an only in Arabic?

Why do Muslims read the Quran in Arabic? Is the Quran translated into different languages? If so, what is the difference between the Arabic and the translated versions? The Quran is only in Arabic. This is not to say that it cannot be translated, but the translation...
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Plain Evidence that prophet Muhammad is a Prophet from Allah

The prophecy in the Islamic religious conception is based on the fact that it is information and news from God Almighty to anyone who created it through the King's meanings of the legislation and religion that God wants his slaves on  earth to work and to adopt its...
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Why The Beard? Explained Scientifically

Why the beard scientifically Reduction of skin allergies and asthma People who suffer from pollen allergy, cold and asthma, growing a beard can be one sure shot way to help them in fighting them. Also, it can also reduce the chances in people who are more prone to...
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Eight Major Events That Shook the World in Ramadan

Beginning with the descent of the Quran, the month of Ramadan has always signaled a month of important historical events. We’ve compiled a short list to capture only a selection of these great feats: 1.     The Quran was revealed. As Allah mentions in Surah...
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Prophets mentioned in the Quran

Prophets are human beings, who were chosen by Allah to preach the same, universal message: Believing in one God. Prophets guided their nations to reform their morals and purify their souls. This growth was achieved through commands and rules that ensured humans acted...
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Haajar, the Migrant – Symbol of Dignity

Hajj is a symbolic demonstration of Muslims unity and harmony; of equality and humility. It is a perpetuation of the legacy of the house of Abraham (peace be upon them). Prophet Abraham was the first to announce the pilgrimage to hijjul-bayt/ journey to the House; a...
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We are a group of Muslims based in Columbus, OH, USA. We want to help you learn about Islam from the best source – actual practicing Muslims. Please get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for.


9 Astonishing Facts in the Quran that will Amaze You

There are many clear signs that the religious book of Islam, the Quran, is the word of God and we have many reasons to support and validate this claim

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True islamic teaching are against terrorism

The word terrorism came into wide usage only a few decades ago. One of the unfortunate results of this new terminology is that it limits the definition of terrorism to that perpetrated by small groups or individuals.

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Jesus in Islam

Jesus: A Prophet of God Muslims Love Jesus Jesus is a figure who is loved and revered by billions of people the world over, yet there is much confusion surrounding the status of this colossal personality. Muslims and Christians both hold Jesus in high regard but view...
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Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad.


Establishment of the daily five compulsory prayers.


Concern for and almsgiving to the needy.


Self-purification through fasting in the 9th month of Islamic Calendar.

Holy Quran


Read and memorized by millions. See why for yourself.

The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God. It is widely regarded as the finest work in classical Arabic literature.

It contains several miracles that can blow your mind.



Becoming a Muslim is a simple and easy process. All that a person has to do is to say a sentence called the Testimony of Faith (Shahada). Once a person says the Testimony of Faith (Shahada) with conviction and understanding its meaning, then he/she has become a Muslim.


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