Warum schuf Gott?

(part 1 of 3): God the Creator In relation to God there is a ... fundamental question: "Why did God create?" This question should be asked because humanity is really not the greatest creation. God says in the Quran: “Verily, the creation of heaven and earth is greater...

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Der Sinn des Lebens

(part 1 of 3): Reason and Revelation   Introduction 'What is the Meaning and the Purpose and Purpose of Life?' This is perhaps the most important question that has ever been asked. Throughout time, philosophers have considered it the most basic question....

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Die Großen Fragen

(part 1 of 3): Who Made Us?   At some point in everyone's life comes the point where you ask yourself the big questions: "Who made us?" and "Why are we here?" So who made us? Atheists speak of a big bang and evolution, while others speak of God. Those who answer,...

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