First Level [Lesson 7] “Intention & Ghusl”

First:🌸 The intention 🌸

Intention in islam means The intention in a person’s heart of a specific worship he wants to do, so before doing any worship, one must make his intention clear in his heart of that worship.🌺

👉🏼No act of worship will be accepted from a Muslim unless it meets two basic conditions:

a– Sincerity of intention towards Allaah, may He be exalted. This means that the aims of the person in his words and deeds, both outward and inward, should be to seek the Countenance of Allaah alone. 🌻🌻
b – It should be in accordance with the ways in which Allaah has ordained that He be worshipped only. That is achieved by following the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)🌻🌻


Evidence of intention in islam🌷

👉🏼Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Indeed actions are judged according to their intentions.”

We also understand from this statement that we must not say the intention out loud, we must only make it clear in the heart that am doing this specific deed as a worship to Allah because The intention is what is in the heart and not what is uttered by the tongue.🌺🌻🌺🌻


🌟Also notice that our intention before and through every act of worship must be sincere to Allah only, not showing it off to catch people’s attention for example or to seek their praise🌟


Now , we will take a practical topic🤩🤩🤩

It is “Ghusl” 📣📣

What is (Ghusl) ? 

Ghusl is the Arabic word for a complete bath or a ritual bath.

In certain cases, One needs to purify themselves by taking a full bath, that is doing the ritual bath (Ghusl) .


💫You are required to do the Ghusl in the following cases:

1. The emission of semen or female orgasmic fluid, whether due to sexual intercourse, wet dreams or masturbation. 🌷

2. After sexual intercourse. 🌷

3. Menstruation and post-natal bleeding[1].🌷

4. upon entering Islam.🌷


‼️📝Important note 📝 ‼️

🌟If any of these four cases happened, the person’s prayers and Fasting will not be accepted until he makes the Ghusl (Ritual bath)

🌟For women: They cannot offer prayer or fasting when they are experiencing menstruation or postpartum bleeding. After the days of their bleeding end, they must purify themselves by taking the ritual bath (Ghusl) and then she may resume prayer and fasting.


🌺 How to Perform Ghusl ? 🌺

– By making water reach all parts of the body, and includes rinsing the mouth and nose and from the roots till the end of the hair. If a person makes the intention of Ghusl in his heart and makes the water reach all parts of his body, then he has made ghusl✅and removed the major impurity and purified himself properly 👍🏼


ghusl is of two types: 



♦️🔶 In the case of acceptable ghusl, it is sufficient to do the obligatory parts of ghusl only, without doing any of the mustahabb or Sunnah actions. He should intend to purify himself, then make water reach every part of his body, using any means whether that is standing beneath a shower or immersing oneself in the sea or in a swimming pool and the like, as well as rinsing the mouth and nose.

♦️🔶Complete ghusl means doing what the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did it, with all the sunnahs of ghusl.


The Sunnah of Ghusl



Ghusl for Women


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