“O people! Fear your Lord, who created you from a single being (Adam); and from him He created his wife (Eve), and from the two He made many men and women arise. And fear God, in whose name you ask one another, and (in the name of your) blood relationship. Verily, God watches over you. ” (Quran 4: 1)

God addresses all of humanity and asks them to be aware of God’s presence and to be fearful of God. God reminds people of a forgotten reality: their earthly origins. All human beings have One God, their Creator, one Father – Adam – and one Mother, Eve. The predicament of modernity could begin to heal if people remembered its origins again.

Humans did not appear on earth by their own will. Rather, someone else must have wanted people to populate the earth. Someone else wanted them to exist and prepared the earth and sun in perfect harmony for them to make their life possible. If people recalled this simple fact, they would be heading in the right direction. The one who wanted human existence had the most thorough knowledge of human beings and their strengths and weaknesses. If people recognized this, they would obey the one to whom they owe their existence.

Just as people came to existence through the will of the one, they also go back to the same parents. If people were aware of it, racism, ethnic arrogance and exploitation would end. Siblings would stop fighting and take each other’s lives. Siblings would recognize their common creator and be aware of him and grant their „relatives“ the rights to which they are entitled. People would not divide into castes and classes. You would not let race, skin color or origin determine the rank.

If people realized that another soul was created by the original single soul to be his companion and that men and women were scattered all over the world, then they would respect women more. Women would not have experienced centuries of oppression and their humanity would not have been denied for centuries. Unfortunately, whenever people try to correct one mistake, they fall for another. They forgot that a soul was created for a soul so that woman and man complement each other. Men and women are by no means subject to an endless battle between the sexes; rather, they were created to complement and perfect each other.
God thus regulates the basis of human society, which lies in the family. God could have created several families in the beginning instead of Adam and Eve; but He preferred to create Adam and Eve and let humanity sprout from their seeds. Islamic ethics regards the family as the natural foundation and the cornerstone of a morally perfect society. A family consists of a couple of people and their (legal) children, in which both the man and the woman each have essential roles to play in order to keep the family happy and healthy.

The last part of the verse is a reminder to be aware of God, to do good and to avoid bad, which includes swearing oaths or fidelity in the name of others, or asking for favors.

Finally, the verse ends with a reminder that God watches over everything, be it small or large; nothing escapes his knowledge or gaze. Knowing that God is watching us helps us to be aware of Him.


Source: https://www.islamland.com/deu/articles/der-gemeinsame-ursprung-der-menschheit