“O people, eat what is permitted and good on earth and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; because he is your obvious enemy. He commands you only evil and hideous things, and that you should say about Allah what you do not know. ” (Quran 2: 168-169)

God urges all of humanity, the believers and the unbelievers, to think about something we take for granted: food. God lets everything come out of the earth: grains, fruits, vegetables and meat for human consumption, but He forbids us relatively few things that are unhealthy. Forbidden things include the meat of dead animals, blood and pork. Any food is allowed under God’s Law except what He has forbidden, what has been stolen or taken by breaking God’s Law. The best foods for us are natural, organic, and healthy – foods that come from God, but when people begin to change the food chain, they produce new, unknown diseases, such as mad cow disease. We should be thankful to God for

This verse also indicates that it is a duty before God for every human being to eat enough to sustain his life. Going to extremes by starving to look pretty for example is not allowed.

God also commands humanity not to follow the trail of Satan, that is, what Satan commands. First, Satan is real. Second, Islam tells us everything about Satan that is important to us, including how we protect ourselves from it. What does Satan command? Unbelief, rejection of belief in God, oppression, injustice, sins and food, which God has forbidden. God reminds us that Satan is our enemy, so people should beware of him. In His grace, God has not stopped warning us to follow the footsteps of Satan, but warned us of what Satan commands:

(a) Satan commands evil. Evil includes all kinds of sins.

(b) Satan orders adultery, fornication, drinking alcohol, being drunk and murdering.

(c) The greatest command of Satan is that he lets us say something we don’t know about God. Satan’s greatest coup to mislead people is to say that God has a son, a co-god, to think of God as an old man sitting in heaven, God will punish or forgive everyone without any knowledge of God Self or to say, God allows or forbids something without any basis of knowledge of God Himself. As for God, He commands righteousness and forbids immorality and wrong. Everyone should review what they believe to make sure that they are following God’s guidance and not falling for the deception of Satan.


Source: https://www.islamland.com/deu/articles/frmmigkeit-und-schlechtigkeit