Glaubenslehre und Sekten

Glaube an die Propheten

Belief in certain prophets that God has chosen to deliver His message to people is a necessary principle of faith in Islam. “The Messenger (of God) believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord (as a revelation), and also believers; all believe in God, His...

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Glaube an das Leben nach dem Tod

Everyone is afraid to die, and that's right. The uncertainty about what lies ahead is naturally scary. It may be that of all religions Islam shows the most vivid details of what happens after death and what follows after it. Islam regards death as a natural threshold...

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Glaube an die göttliche Vorherbestimmung

Belief in Divine Predestination The sixth and final article of Islamic faith is belief in divine predestination: this means that everything, good or bad, all happy or sad moments, joy or pain come from God and are predetermined by Him. First, God's prediction is...

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Prophetentum im Islam

(part 1 of 2): The Essence of Propheticism Propheticism is not unknown to the heavenly revelation religions, such as Judaism and Christianity. However, it has a special status and meaning in Islam. According to Islam, God created man for a noble purpose: to serve Him...

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Die Welt der Ğinn

(part 1 of 2)   The supernatural and the invisible have always had a strong attraction for people. The existence of a world next to our world has always fascinated people. This world is usually considered a spiritual world, and almost every people has their own...

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