„Who will protect you from me now?“

There was a small community in an isolated area. Weak and defenseless, these people lived in fear and anxiety because they were constantly attacked by a gang of robbers.
We can well imagine their fear. It is the fear of a helpless person in the face of a strong and merciless culprit. These predators only knew the law of the wild. Like lions, they recognized no moral code besides their own hunger and lust. They considered it justifiable to oppress others.

Although the community lived in the desert, they enjoyed peace and security before the robbers came, and they have achieved success. Now they were deprived of their lives, freedom and honor. In desperation, they cried out to the authorities to come and protect them.

The head of state decided to lead the army into the area himself and to punish those who spread fear and terror that threaten the lives and safety of his people. The news of the mobilization spread quickly and the robbers soon knew that the authorities were after them with an army. They were forced to leave the area and seek shelter in the surrounding mountains. They hid between the highest peaks they could find, hoping to save themselves. They knew that their fate might as well overtake them at their refuge, but they hoped to at least be able to depend on the forces that were sent against them.

The forces came under the command of the leader to determine that the robbers had left the area and were taking up positions in the neighboring mountains to survive the situation from a safe, convenient point.

When the forces arrived, a thunderstorm broke out and flooded all the valleys near the mountains. The head of state was drenched. After the storm moved away, he moved out to find a suitable place to take off his clothes and ventilate. He found a tree, took off his outer clothing and hung it on a branch to dry it. He sat next to the tree to rest from the strenuous journey. The fatigue overwhelmed him and soon he fell asleep.

One of the robbers had watched him and said to himself, “This is an excellent opportunity to overwhelm the guide while sleeping. Then nobody will be in my way. ”
With the greatest caution, he secretly climbed down from the mountain and crept quietly to where the leader was sleeping.

As he approached the tree, he noticed the leader’s sword beside him. He looked left and right to make sure no one was around. Then, with the skill of a thief, he grabbed the sword and pointed it at the leader’s face.

The robber laughed scornfully and shouted: „Who will protect you from me now?“

The Fiihrer woke up from these words, saw the robber standing with his sword in his hand and aiming at his head. He immediately realized that the staring robber had disarmed him and was threatening to kill him. Imagine what you would do in a situation like this.

The Fiihrer remained calm, sat up where he was sitting, and looked at his adversary calmly. After patiently listening to the robber’s threats, he answered his opponent’s question and said, „God will protect me.“

The robber felt a shiver run down his body and arm. He dropped the sword. As quickly as the sword fell to the ground, the Fiihrer grabbed it, stood over the robber, and repeated the same question he had asked him just moments earlier: „Who will protect you from me now?“

Imagine that you were in the position of the leader. What would you have done with the robber? Would your state of mind have allowed you to think before acting? Would anyone have blamed you for knocking the robber down in self-defense?

This guide, however, had a strong, generous heart, a heart that knew neither spitefulness nor vengefulness. He saw revenge as a sign of weakness. Imagine that the Fiihrer not only forgave the robber, but also gave him the opportunity to join his army. He also promised that if he accepted the offer, he would get all the claims and rewards that the other soldiers would get.

We would assume that the robber gratefully accepted this offer, at least to the deception. But the robber did the unthinkable. He refused, and the blank did so with all the roughness and insolence that he could flaunt.

The guide said to him: „Then go. You know the way.“

The robber started to hurry away, but then he stopped and said, „I will not fight against you or join any group that will fight against you.“ This was an acceptable exit in itself.

When the robber returned to the rest of his gang, they could see that he was happy to have survived the encounter. He said to them: „I come from a leader without his kind.“ Then he told them everything that had happened and how lucky he was to still be alive.

We only have to reveal the identity of this leader. He was the same one who is often slandered and portrayed in the most dishonorable light.
Yes, it was none other than Muhammad, the prophet of God.


Source: https://www.islamland.com/deu/articles/wer-wird-dich-jetzt-vor-mir-beschtzen