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Die Welt der Ğinn

(part 1 of 2)   The supernatural and the invisible have always had a strong attraction for people. The existence of a world next to our world has always fascinated people. This world is usually considered a spiritual world, and almost every people has their own ideas about it. For some people, these spirits are … Weiterlesen


(part 1 of 3): Made to worship and obey God Muslims believe in the existence of angels. There are six beliefs in Islam; the belief in God, the one and only, the creator and provider of everything that exists, the belief in His angels, His books, His messengers, in The Last Day and in divine … Weiterlesen

Sind wir allein?

(part 1 of 3): The world of Ǧinn   Throughout history, humanity has been attracted to the supernatural. Spirits, ghosts and many other creatures have filled our heads and captured our imaginations. Strange and beguiling ghosts have sometimes led people to commit the greatest of all sins – Schirk. [1] So are these ghosts real? … Weiterlesen


(Part 1 of 2)   Description: A brief look at how Sufism differs from Islam and how it contradicts the teachings of Islam. This first part defines Sufism, mentions its origins and how it differs from Islam in the idea of ​​belief in God, belief in the Prophet Muhammad (God’s blessings and peace be upon … Weiterlesen


(part 1 of 2): Origin and History   One of the groups that are associated with Islam and attract the attention of many in the West because of their appealing, albeit difficult to understand, principles of peace and the unity of mankind is as Baha’ism known. In truth, Baha’ism is a sect that, according to … Weiterlesen

Glaube an Gott

(part 1 of 3)   Introduction The heart of Islam is belief in God. At the core of Islamic belief is the commitment to the phrase: La ilaha illa Allah, “There is no true deity worthy of worship except Allah”. The testimony to this belief, called tauhid, is the axis around which everything in Islam … Weiterlesen