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Die Vorzüge der Religion des Islams

Why do Muslims think their religion is the truth? Do you have convincing reasons?

All praise is due to Allah.

Dear questioners,

a nice greeting. So then to continue:

At first glance, your question logically reveals that it is from a person who has not joined the religion of Islam, but whoever practices this religion recognizes what is contained in it and afterwards acts, the magnitude of the favor in which he lives, and thereby lies under the shadow of this religion. This is for many reasons and includes:

1. That the Muslim worship a single God who has no partner. He has the most beautiful names and the most sublime qualities, so that the point of view of the Muslim unites with him, he trusts his Lord and Creator and demands help, victory and strength from him. He believes that his master is capable of anything. He doesn’t need a wife or child. He created the heavens and the earth, gives life and lets die, He is the creator and universal provider, so that the servant requests his care from him. He is the All-Hearer and the Answerer, so the servant asks Him and hopes to be heard from Him. The one who accepts repentance, the Most Forgiving and the Most Merciful, so that when the servant commits a sin and becomes negligent in the worship of his master, he will return to him repentant. The omniscient, the knowledgeable, the All-Seeing One, who knows the intentions, secrets and what is in the breasts, on whom the servant is ashamed to commit a sin by being unjust to himself or to creation, since his master knows and sees him. He knows that his master is wise and knows the hidden, so that he trusts what his master chooses for him and what he destines for him, and that his master has never been unjust with him and everything that He has determined for him is good for him, even if the wisdom remains hidden in the servant.

2. The influences of Islamic, religious acts on the soul (ego) of the Muslim. So prayer is a connection between him and his Lord. When he starts with humility, he feels calm and rest, because he is supported by a solid pillar, which is Allah, he is venerable and glorious. That is why the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, Allah’s blessing and peace on him, used to say: „Let us find peace through prayer (relax).“ And when something depressed him, he turned to prayer. And anyone who was struck by a misfortune and then cost prayer felt an increase in patience for what happened to him because he recited his Lord’s speech in his prayer. And the influence of the recitation of the Lord’s words (the Koran) cannot be compared to the influence of reading the words of the creatures. If you find calm and relief in the words of some psychologists, what do you think about the words of the one who created the psychologist?

If we now come to the Zakah (compulsory alms), which is one of the pillars of Islam, it cleanses the soul (ego) from avarice, accustoms it to generosity, helps the poor and needy and it is a reward, which benefits you on the day of resurrection, like all other acts of worship. It is neither expensive nor does it ruin you like people’s taxes. Rather, you only have to give 25 out of 1000 (2.5%). The true Muslim does this of his own free will. He does not evade it, even if no one is watching him.

As far as fasting is concerned, it is to contain food and sleep, from worship towards Allah, to feel the need of the hungry and needy, and to remind the Creator of His creation’s favor. It is a wage without payroll.
The pilgrimage (Hajj) to Allah’s house, which Ibrahim, peace be upon him, built. It (the Hajj) is a compliance with Allah’s command, the prayers are answered and you get to know Muslims from all over the world.

3. Islam commands everything that is good and forbids everything that is bad. He also calls for good behavior and beautiful personality traits, such as truthfulness, gentleness, persistence, kindness, modesty, modesty, fulfilling the promise, balance, compassion, justice, bravery, patience, sociability, frugality, chastity, charity, Magnanimity, loyalty, thanking for the good, holding back anger.

He (Islam) also commands kindness to parents, cultivating ties, helping the sad, being good to neighbors, protecting orphan property, compassion for the younger, and respect for the older, forbearance ( Kindness) to the servants and animals, to clear something harmful, to say nice words, to forgive, although one does not have to (forgive) to give his brother advice, to clarify the needs of the Muslims, to give the debtor time, to prefer others to comfort, to smile at people, to help the depressed, to visit the sick, to support the unjustly treated, that friends / companions gift each other, to honor the guest, to treat the wife well, for her and for the children (Money, possessions) to spend the greeting,and this is the salam (salute for peace) to spread to ask permission before entering houses so that you cannot see the nakedness of the house residents.
When some non-Muslims pursue these things, they generally do so in good manners, but they do not hope for the reward, victory or success of Allah on the Day of Resurrection.

If we now come to what Islam forbids, we will find an advantage for both individuals and society. All forbidden things are there to protect the relationship between the Lord and the servant, man and his self and man and his kind. Now we take these many examples to clarify what is meant:

Islam forbids Allah from joining and that worship leads to something other than Allah, misery and suffering. It forbids going to fortune tellers and believing them to practice magic – which leads to the separation or reunification of two people. It prohibits believing in the influence of stars on events and people’s lives to offend time – because it is Allah Who directs it. He is forbidden to believe in the bad omen, and that means pessimism.

He does not allow you to nullify the deeds by bowing or bowing down to someone other than Allah, and to sit down with the hypocrites or wrongdoers because you like to join them if you want to be seen, heard and favored.

It is forbidden to curse one another with Allah’s curse, anger or hellfire.

Islam considers it illegal to urinate in stagnant water and to relieve oneself on the footpath, in shady spots and on water sources. He also forbids to relieve himself in the direction of or against the direction of the Qiblah (direction of prayer of the Muslims). It is also frowned upon that the man holds his limb with his right hand while urinating. It is also not desirable to greet someone with the peace greeting while dealing with the emergency. It is not allowed to insert the hand (of the sleeping person) into a container after getting up so that it is washed (gets wet).

It is undesirable to do voluntary prayers during sunrise, zawal and sunset, because the sun rises and sets between the horns of Satan.

It is frowned upon in the presence of food that one desires to pray and that one prays while suppressing one’s urine, stool, and wind because all of this preoccupies the prayer and keeps them from the required humility.

It is not permitted that the person praying raise his voice during prayer so that he disturbs the believers (by doing prayers at night even though he is tired, rather he should sleep, then get up and pray. It is also forbidden for the praying man to leave his prayer if he doubts he has lost his prayer wash until he hears or smells something.

It is forbidden to buy, sell or ask for lost things in the mosques, because they are places of worship and devotion to Allah. So it is not befitting to do worldly matters in it.

He forbids walking quickly when prayer begins. Rather, one should go in peace and serenity. In addition, it is not allowed to boast about the mosques, to beautify and decorate them with red and yellow colors and with everything that distracts the prayers.

It is undesirable to fast continuously for two days without breaking it and that the woman should voluntarily fast in the presence of her husband unless he allows it.

It is forbidden to cultivate the graves, to raise them, to sit on them, to walk with shoes between them, to illuminate them, to label them and to dig them out. It is also prohibited to use tombs as mosques. It is not allowed to cry loudly (to complain) about the death of a person, to tear the clothes and to pull the hair (to pull them). It is forbidden to publish a death notice according to the type of people of ignorance (Jahilia). Reporting a person’s death alone is not a problem.

The swallowing of interest and all types of sales that involve ignorance and fraud are also not tolerated. It is also prohibited to sell blood, intoxicants, pigs, idols and everything that Allah has forbidden to sell. The cheap value of it is prohibited, whether it is sold or bought.

It is not permitted to increase the price of the goods for those who do not want to buy them, as is the case with many auctions (auctions). It is frowned upon to conceal the defects of the goods and to hide them when they are sold. It is not allowed to sell what does not belong to you or to sell something before you have it. It is not allowed that someone sells what his brother sells (or wants to sell) or buy what his brother wants to buy or offer something that his brother offers. It is also not permitted to sell fruit until it ripens and is free of defects. It is forbidden to minimize the measurement and weighing. It is forbidden to monopolize (a commodity) and it is the partner (partner), regarding earth, palm trees or the like,

It is forbidden to swallow the orphan’s fortune out of injustice. You also have to stay away from gambling. It is not allowed to bet or take something away by force. It is not allowed to take or give a bribe. It is forbidden to loot people’s assets. It is forbidden to wrongly devour your money, even to take it to ruin it. It is frowned upon to belittle people’s things. It is not permitted to hide and hide a find or to take it, unless you can recognize it. It is forbidden to cheat in any form. It is not allowed to go into debt if you do not want to pay them back. The Muslim is not allowed to take anything away from his Muslim brother’s property unless he has no problem with it. And the, what you take because of your modesty is forbidden. Accepting a gift for advocacy is prohibited.

It is frowned upon to live chaste, so not to get married. It is not allowed to castrate yourself. It is forbidden to marry two sisters at the same time, or to marry a woman and her aunt (whether maternal or paternal) at the same time. Neither the older over the younger, nor the younger over the older, for fear of separation. It is forbidden to do Schighar. And that’s when you say, for example, „Marry me to your daughter or sister so that I can marry you to my daughter or sister so that she is towards the other.“ This is an injustice and not allowed.

It is forbidden to do the pleasure marriage. This is a marriage in which both sides agree that the marriage has ended due to the expiry of a (set) time. It is not allowed to attend the woman during menstruation, rather you come to her after she has cleaned herself. It is forbidden to penetrate the woman anal. It is forbidden to hold the hand of his brother’s fiancé until he releases (from her) or allows him to do so.

It is not permitted to marry the one who has been married once until she is asked for her consent and the virgin until she is asked for permission. It is frowned upon to congratulate them (the couple) with the words: „A good life together and many children“, since it is a congratulation of ignorance (Jahilia, the pre-Islamic period), because people of ignorance hated girls. The divorced woman is not allowed to keep silent about what Allah created in her womb. The couple are not allowed to tell about what is happening between them in terms of enjoyment. It is prohibited for the woman to cause harm to her husband. It is forbidden to play with the divorce. The woman is not allowed to ask her sister about divorce,

The woman is not permitted to spend (donate) her husband’s property except with his permission. The woman is forbidden to avoid her husband’s bed. If she does so without a legal excuse, she will curse the angels. It is prohibited for the man to marry his father’s (ex-wife) wife. It is forbidden for the man to sleep with a woman who is pregnant by another (man). The man is not allowed to stay away from his free wife, except with her permission. It is undesirable for the man to knock on his family’s front door and startle them at night when he comes from a trip. But if he informs you of the arrival time, it is not a problem. The man is not allowed to take any of his wife’s bride gift, without her agreeing to it. It is forbidden to harm the woman so that she can buy himself free of money.

Women are prohibited from putting on make-up and making up beautifully in public. It is forbidden to exaggerate female circumcision. The woman is not allowed to let anyone into her husband’s house, except with his permission. His general permission is enough if this does not contradict Islamic law. It is forbidden to separate the mother from her child. It is frowned upon not to show jealousy (regarding his family). It is forbidden to look at a strange woman and to follow another after this look.

It is not allowed to eat what has died, whether through drowning, strangling, a blow, or from falling from an elevated position. And it is not allowed to eat blood, pork, anything that has not been slaughtered by Allah’s name and which has been slaughtered for idols.

It is forbidden to eat the animal that feeds on impurities. It is also forbidden to drink from their milk. It is also not permitted to eat mammals that have canines and birds that have claws. It is not allowed to eat (tamed) city donkeys. Throwing something at the animal until it dies or without holding food is prohibited. It is not right to slaughter with teeth or nails and to slaughter an animal in the presence of another animal or to sharpen the blade in front of them.

Regarding clothing and beauty:

it is frowned upon to be wasteful of clothing and for gold it is forbidden for men to wear it. It is not allowed to bare, walk naked and show your thighs.
It is forbidden to hang the clothes over the ankles, to drag them out of vanity and to wear conspicuous clothes.
It is forbidden to give a lying certificate. It is not allowed to deny a married woman and the innocent and to wrongly accuse the lie.

It is forbidden to make hurtful and defamatory innuendos, to throw each other by (ugly) epithets, to slander, to slander, to make fun of Muslims, to brag about the origin, to disparage, to insult the tribe (others) to revile and speak lewd and obscene. It is also forbidden to speak badly in public except because of injustice.

Lying is not allowed. And the worst kind of lie includes, among other things, lying about the dream, like inventing dreams and dream faces, in order to achieve a material advantage or profit, or to scare someone you are at odds with.

It is forbidden to declare yourself pure. It is not permitted to have secret dialogues so that the third party does not understand anything, so that he does not become sad. It is not allowed to curse the believer and to curse those who do not deserve it.

It is not permitted to insult the dead and ask for death (in a supplication) or to wish for it because of damage that haunts you. It is forbidden to pray against oneself, children, servants and property.
It is undesirable to eat what is in front of the others and what is in the middle of the food. Rather, one should eat from the side, because the blessing sinks down on the middle of the food. It is forbidden to drink from the gap in a broken vessel so that you don’t hurt yourself. It is not desirable to drink from the mouth of the vessel. You are not allowed to breathe in and eat while lying on your stomach. It is not allowed to sit at a dining table where something is drunk.

It is frowned upon to light the fire at home during bedtime. It is undesirable for the man to spend the night (sleep) and have Ghamr in his hand, such as a bad smell or leftover food. It is not mandatory to sleep on your stomach and to report a bad dream or to interpret it (the dream) because it is part of the game of Satan.

It is forbidden to kill a human being without right and the children for fear of poverty. Suicide is not allowed. Fornication, homosexual acts, drinking intoxicating, producing, carrying and selling them; none of this is allowed. One cannot please people at the expense of Allah’s dissatisfaction. You can’t chase your parents away or say „Uff!“ To them. It is forbidden to attribute the child to anyone other than his father. Nor is it permitted to punish with fire, to burn both the living and the dead, to disfigure – and this is the mutilation of the body of the dead – to support the falseness of supporting one another in sin and hostility to someone in one thing to obey in defiance of Allah, to swear by lying, to take an ominous oath, to listen to people without their consent, to look at the shame areas of others, to assert something that you do not have, to saturate yourself with something that you have not received, to strive to be praised for what you have not made in the house of people without their consent to look, waste, make a guilty pledge, spy, badly think about the righteous, envy one another, hate to turn one’s back on the falsehood to persevere, to be haughty, proud and vain, to admire yourself, to rejoice out of high spirits and insolence. The Muslim cannot take back his donation, even if he buys it. It is forbidden to employ someone and then not to pay their wages and to be unfair when giving presents to children. It is not permitted to write down all of your assets in a will, but to leave your heirs poor.

If you do this (anyway), then this will will only be enforced for a third (of your assets). It is forbidden to be a bad neighbor, to discriminate against some heirs in the will, to avoid the Muslim for more than three days without an Islamic legal reason. It is not allowed to put and throw a stone between two fingers because one expects it to cause damage like knocking out an eye or breaking a tooth.
It is forbidden to bequeath a will to one (single) heir because Allah has given (all) heirs their rights. It is not allowed to harm the neighbor. The Muslim is not allowed to point the gun towards his brother or to carry a drawn sword for fear of harm. It is forbidden to separate two, except with your permission to give back a gift if nothing is legally prohibited in Islam. It is not allowed to be wasteful and to give money to the foolish. It is forbidden for people to wish for what Allah gave to each other, from men and women. It is forbidden to annihilate his donations with criticism and insults and to hide the testimony. It is not allowed to submit to the orphan and to reject the beggar. It is not allowed to treat yourself with evil medicine because Allah did not heal the Islamic community in what he forbade it to do. It is forbidden to kill women and children in war, or to brag about others and not keep the promise.

It is forbidden to act treacherously with the entrusted good, to ask people without need (for anything) that the Muslim scare his brother, or to take his property for fun or seriously. It is forbidden to take his gift back, except with the father, with what he gives to his child. It is also not allowed to practice medicine without experience, killing ants, bees and the hoopoe (a species of bird, Arabic: Hudhud).
It is forbidden for the man to see a man’s pubic area, and the woman to see a woman’s pubic area, to sit between two, except with their permission. It is undesirable to only greet those with the peace greeting (salam) that you know. Rather, you greet both the one you know and the one you don’t know. It is not allowed to place the oath as an obstacle between the oath and the good deed. But one should pursue the good and settle the atonement of one’s oath.

It is forbidden to judge between two arguments while one is angry or to judge one of them without hearing what the other has to say. It is not permitted that the man walks past the market (bazaar) and carries things with him that could harm the Muslims, such as open sharp tools (or instruments). It is not allowed to let someone get up from their place and then sit on it.

There are more do’s and don’ts that are meant for the bliss of man and mankind. Have you seen a religion like this, or do you know one like this, oh questioner?

Read the answer again (the Fatwa), then ask yourself: Isn’t it a loss that you are not an adherent of this religion?

Allah, He is sublime, said in the mighty Quran: „But whoever desires something other than Islam as a religion, it will not be accepted by him, and in the hereafter he will be one of the losers.“ [Aali Imran 3:85]
Finally, I wish you and everyone who reads this question success to follow the right path and the truth. And may Allah keep us and you from all evil.

Shaykh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid


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