Infektionskontrolle im Islam

In recent years, health experts around the world have been increasingly concerned with the spread of infectious diseases. Outbreaks of swine flu, poultry flu and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) mean that infectious diseases have increased in a global context and are now on the agenda of world politicians and health politicians alike. In developed … Weiterlesen

Was ist eine Moschee?

A mosque is the building where Muslims worship God. Throughout Islamic history, the mosque has been the center of the community and cities have formed around this central building. Nowadays, especially in Muslim countries, there is a mosque on almost every corner; this makes it easy for Muslims to participate in the five daily prayers. … Weiterlesen

Gerechtigkeit im Islam

The Importance of Justice In the Islamic world view, justice means putting things in their rightful places. It also includes treating others equally. Justice is also a moral value and a quality of human personality in Islam, just like in Western tradition. Justice is similar to equality in the sense that it creates a state … Weiterlesen