The Signs in Heaven and Earth

Suppose you are about to build a large city out of Lego bricks. Create skyscrapers, branched streets, train stations, airports, shopping centers, subways and also rivers, lakes, forests and a beach in this city. Let thousands of people live there, walking in the streets, sitting in their houses, and working in the offices. You will think of every detail, even the traffic lights, cash registers and the display signs at the bus stops.

Now if someone came to you and said that all the Lego bricks of this city that you planned and built down to the smallest detail, every single part that you picked up and put together in great pain, it would all have happened by accident – what would you think of that person’s mental state?

Now let’s go back to the city you built and think that if you had forgotten to put a single Lego brick in place, the whole city could perish; razed to the ground. Can you imagine what great balance and order you had to put in place to stabilize it?
Life in the world we live in has also only been made possible by an accumulation of such a large number of details that it eludes the human mind. The absence of even one of these details could mean the end of life on Earth.

Everything, every detail from the atom, the smallest unit of matter, to the galaxies that house billions of stars; from the moon, the inseparable companion of the world, to the solar system; everything works in perfect harmony. This well-organized system runs flawlessly, like clockwork. People are counting on this billion-year-old system to continue to work – without forgetting even the smallest detail – so that they can plan freely about something that they think could happen in the next ten years. Nobody cares whether the sun will rise again the next day. A large majority of people don’t think about whether the world could ever break out of the sun’s attraction and begin to find your own way through the pitch dark universe; they still ask: ‚What is stopping these catastrophes from happening?

In the same way, when people go to sleep, they trust that their hearts and respiratory system will not turn off the way their brains do. Stopping even a few seconds would have consequences for many of these vital systems that could cost you your life.
When the ´goggles of familiarity´ that surround all of life and cause every event to be taken for granted, you can see that everything is part of a tightly linked, meticulously planned system, as if our life was by a silk one Hanging thread. You will notice an extraordinary order behind every point on which your eye falls.

It is certainly a great force that creates such order and harmony. The owner of this great power is God, who created everything from nothing. In a verse of the Quran, God says.

“Who created the seven skies in layers. You can see no mistake in the creation of the merciful. So look back (to them): do you see any defect? Then turn your gaze back again for a second time: your gaze will only return to you tired and weakened. ” (Quran 67: 3-4)

If we look at the living beings in the heavens, on the earth and everything in between, we see that all prove in their own way the existence of their creator. So I suggest we all take a moment to think about these natural phenomena and living things that everyone sees but ignores, how they came to life, and how they continue to exist. If we wanted to write down all the signs of God, they would fill thousands of volumes of encyclopedias … because God exists.

We owe to him the origin of the heavens and the earth and its existence can be recognized with reason.


Source: https://www.islamland.com/deu/articles/die-zeichen-in-den-himmeln-und-auf-der-erde