Können wir Gott sehen?

The human mind is really a miracle, but it is limited in certain areas. God is different from anything that the human mind can think or imagine. So he gets confused when he tries to visualize God. Nevertheless, it is possible to understand God’s qualities, because you do not need to get a mental picture … Weiterlesen

Die Göttliche Gnade

(part 1 of 3): God the Merciful, the Merciful If someone were asked, „Who is your god?“ Then a Muslim’s answer is: „The Merciful, the Merciful.“ According to Islamic sources, when speaking of God’s judgment, the prophets also emphasized His grace. In the book of Muslims, God describes himself as: “He is God, except that … Weiterlesen

Wo ist Gott?

Every now and then people are asked to ask themselves some of the truly deepest questions in life. In the quiet darkness of the night, when the stars shine far away in the vast majestic sky, or in the cold, hard daylight, when life rushes by like a fast train, people of all colors, races … Weiterlesen