A system, planned down to the last detail,

breathing, eating, walking, etc. are completely natural human functions. But most people don’t even think about how these basic functions take place. For example, when you eat a fruit, you don’t think about how useful it is for your body. The only thing going on in your head is to have a satisfying meal; at the same time, your body is involved in an extremely detailed process that you cannot imagine to make this meal a health-promoting thing.

The digestive system is the place where these detailed processes take place as soon as some food is put in the mouth. At the very beginning of the system, the saliva soaks the food, helping it to be chewed by the teeth and to slide down the esophagus.

The esophagus transports the food to the stomach, where perfect harmony works. The hydrochloric acid present in the stomach digests the food. This acid is so strong that it has the ability not only to dissolve food, but also the stomach walls. Of course, such derailment is not allowed in a perfect system. A secretion called mucus (mucus) is released during digestion, covers the walls of the stomach and provides complete protection against the destructive effects of hydrochloric acid. This protects the stomach from digesting itself.

The point that deserves attention here is that evolution cannot explain the system we have briefly summarized above. Evolution claims that today’s complex organisms evolved from primitive cell forms through the gradual accumulation of small structural changes. However, as was clearly established, the system in the stomach could never have developed step by step. The lack of a factor would result in the death of the entire organism.

When food gets into the stomach, the ability of the gastric juices to break down the food is brought about by a series of chemical changes. Now imagine a living being within the so-called evolutionary process, in whose body such a planned chemical transformation does not take place completely. This creature will not be able to digest the food it ate on its own and would starve to death with an undigested amount of food in its stomach.

In addition, the gastric walls must simultaneously produce the secretion called the mucus during the secretion of the decomposing acid. Otherwise the stomach acid would destroy the stomach. Therefore, in order for life to go on, the stomach must form both fluids (acid and mucus) at the same time. This shows that it could not have been an accidental step by step development that had been at work here, but rather a conscious creation in which all systems function perfectly.

What all of this shows is that the human body resembles a giant factory made up of many small machines that work together in perfect harmony. Just like all factories have a designer, a technician and a planner, the human body has an “Exalted Creator”.


Source: https://www.islamland.com/deu/articles/ein-system-bis-hin-zu-jeder-einzelheit-geplant