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Geschichten einer gesegneten Familie

(part 1 of 2): The Prophet Zacharias


This is the story of a weak old man who loved and feared God; of an older man named Zacharias (also Zakaria) who had spent his whole life gaining knowledge and teaching it to others only to achieve God’s satisfaction. The Quran tells us its story in chapters 3 and 19 and it is similar to the story reported in the Christian Luke Gospel. [1] However, we will focus on what the Quran has to tell us about this blessed man, because Muslims believe that the Quran has remained unchanged since its revelation, while the other revelations have been lost, changed or distorted .

“It is mentioned (here) the mercy of your Lord against His servant Zacharias. When he called to his Lord with a low call, he said: „My Lord, my bones have become weak and the hair of my head is shimmering gray, but never, my Lord, I have been unhappy with my request to you. ‚“ (Quran 19: 4)

The prophet Zacharias was a member of the Imran family, a blessed family that included Jesus and his mother Mary. When young Mary came to the temple of prayer in Jerusalem, God, in His wisdom and grace, appointed Zechariah to be her protector.

He visited Maria every day to be sure that she was taken care of. Mary’s devotion to God impressed Zacharias, and he was surprised at the care he found in her room. It is reported that she used to have the fruits of winter in summer and the fruits of summer in winter. [2] When Zacharias asked where Maria got these fruits from, she replied that God, the provider, is really the one who provides them with food. Maria said:

“It is from God; behold, God provides unlimited who He wants. ” (Quran 3:37)

When Zacharias observed Mary’s total devotion to God and her unshakable faith, his eyes opened for a new concept. [3] No matter how overwhelming or changing or insignificant our needs may seem to us, God is always there to hear and respond.

This is an extremely important thing to think about. God gives His righteous servants without measure. Maria got fruits that were not in season at all; Zacharias said a prayer for something that was humanly impossible because he and his wife were very old and the time when they could have had children had passed. God’s gifts are not subject to worldly limitations, and anything is possible. Zacharias learned this important lesson from his protégé Maria.

So Zacharias secretly called his master, told him that he was old, his hair was gray, and his wife was old and sterile; but he wanted an heir to please God. Zacharias asked for a son who would inherit him; he didn’t think of wealth because he was a poor man. He wanted a son who would continue prophecy and spread the knowledge that Zacharias had acquired during his life. God answered immediately and said:

“And then the angels called to him while he was standing in prayer in the temple:“ Behold, God promises you John (Jahya), the affirmator of a word from God, a noble, an ascetic and prophet, one of the righteous. ” (Quran 3:39)

In this Quran, the „Word of God“ has a special meaning: Jesus, because he was created by a Word of God – „be“ (and he was). Zacharias son, John, was one of those who believed in Jesus and followed his message.

When Zacharias received this amazing news, he was in prayer. He replied by asking how this could be done given his old age and his wife’s infertility. Then God confirmed the lesson that Mary had understood. „God does what He wants.“ (Quran 3:40).

Zacharias asked for a sign, out of amazement at how he could know that this miracle should really happen to him and his wife. God replied that he (Zacharias) should lose the power to speak and become unable to communicate except through signs.

Zacharias was instructed to spend his time commemorating and praising God, and he came from his place of prayer without being able to speak.

The Quran tells us that the Prophet Zacharias and his wife did good deeds, called on God with fear and hope, and were humble, so God rewarded them in their old age with a son.

“We heard him and gave him Jahya and healed his wife. They used to compete in good deeds with each other, and they called us in hope and fear and were humble before us. ” (Quran 21:90)

This was not an ordinary child. John was granted wisdom when he was a child and was instructed by God to stand firm on the Torah. He was personable and was able to show compassion and mercy to people. God created John righteous and sinless.
„‚Oh Johannes, hold the book vigorously.‘ And We gave him wisdom when he was a boy and a loving mind of Us and sophistication. ” (Quran 19:12)

The sincere supplication of an old man and his sterile wife was accepted by God and a teaching was given to all of humanity. God’s gifts are limitless. He is the provider, the provider, the one!

[1] Luke 1: 5-80
[2] Based on the work of Ibn Kathier. The Stories of the Prophets.
[3] Ibn Kathier.


(part 2 of 2): The prophet John

Jesus, Maria, Zacharias and his son Johannes are all members of the same family, the Imrans family, who are descendants of the David family. We learn from God’s own words in the Quran that they were righteous and served God with true devotion.
“And (we led) Zacharias, John, Jesus and Elias; they were all righteous. ” (Quran 6:85)

“… and remember Our Servant David, the Powerful. He was obedient. ” (Quran 38:17)

“And his mother (Mary) was a true one; … ”(Quran 5:75)

John is the prophet known to Christians as“ John the Baptist ”. However, neither the Quran nor the Prophet’s traditions speak of whether John was baptized or baptized. John’s mission was to remind the children of Israel that they had once made a covenant with God. He spoke the same words as all the prophets of God – worship the One God with devotion.

A child prodigy

At her advanced age, when all hope of having a child had passed, God granted the Prophet Zacharias and his wife a child prodigy. A son, the first child in the world named Johannes. God Himself chose John’s name.

„Behold, Allah promises you John, the affirmator of a word from Allah, a noble, an ascetic and a prophet, one of the righteous.“ (Quran 3:39)

We know from the Qur’an that great wisdom was given to the Prophet John as a child, and Islamic sources speak of him as a calm, gentle child who loved to learn and who loved being outside with the animals. [1] Johannes grew up to be a devoted and noble man. It is said that he lived a simple life in the wilderness or in the desert and spent his time praying and remembering God. He was filled with compassion and mercy for his neighbor and for all of humanity. The scholars of Islam have said that John wept out of fear and love for God and that his tears left marks on his cheeks.

John and Jesus

John was given strength and power by God, and he was strong enough to control his worldly desires. He worked tirelessly, called people back to the Torah laws, and confirmed the mission of his cousin Jesus, the Messenger of God. Part of John’s mission was to believe in and support the message of Jesus: „… the affirmator of a word from Allah, …“ (Quran 3:39). John talks to his cousin about the “Spirit of God” and he does this to emphasize the wonderful creation of the Prophet Jesus.

In the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (as with Sahieh Ahmad, Tirmidhi and others), there are stories that tell of how the prophets John and Jesus met and discussed their mission to bring the children of Israel back to the straight path. The Prophet Muhammad told us that the Prophet John had gathered the children of Israel and begged them to obey God’s commandments. To worship none other than God; to pray; to fast; To give alms and to spend their time commemorating God.
God gave the Prophet John a special blessing: “Peace be upon him on the day he was born, the day he died and the day he is brought back to life!” This is the greatest blessing that can be given to a human being. Peace – security, security, contentment. This is the unreasonable result if we follow the guidance that God has sent us.

The Quran and the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad reveal no details about John’s death. We do know, however, that because of his strong persistence in following God’s law as revealed in the Torah, he was scorned and persecuted, and this ultimately led to his death. John’s life was full of effort and effort, but he steadfastly held on to the religion of God (the worship of the One God Alone) and died for his faith.

The Imrans family is a light of guidance for humanity. Her devotion to God was incomparable and her way of interacting serves as a reminder. All parents are more concerned about life beyond than the joys of this world. Every child respects and treats the elders and their parents with the affection and devotion that God commands. The members of this blessed family served God with true devotion and placed His laws above all others. And God said:

“But to those who believe and do good works, He will give the full reward and even more of His grace; but those who scorn and be proud will painfully punish them. And apart from God, they find no friend or helper. ” (Quran 4: 173)

Mary was one of the truthful, Jesus was the Word of God. Johannes was neither proud nor disobedient and Zacharias praised his master. Together, these descendants of the Prophet David formed the blessed Imran family and are a role model for humanity. If we make an effort to see how they have made an effort, if we believe with certainty, how they believed, and if we serve God with full devotion, just as they have served God, then we like on the day of judgment, at the grace of God to be counted among the righteous.

[1] Ibn Kathier.



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