“O people, serve your Lord, who created you and those before you so that you may be godly. Who made the earth a resting place and heaven a building and sent water down from heaven and thereby brought forth fruit as a gift for you, therefore God equates nothing if you know. ” (Quran 2: 21-22)

In these verses we find the first order of the Quran; God proves how illogical it is to worship others next to Him or in His place. He turns to all of humanity to do all worship work alone. He reveals himself to them as their Lord, Preserver and Creator.

Human beings did not appear out of nothing, but God is the One who created them out of nothing. After their creation, God did not simply leave them to Himself, but cared for them when they were in their mother’s womb, and God continued to care for them throughout their lives by providing them with numerous sources of care. He created things in this life to use and serve people. For this reason it is the sole right of God – who came before us and before us Everything else except God, like people, angels and spirits, was created by God. Therefore, creation should not be worshiped like God. No created being owns or controls anything in this universe and for this reason it cannot harm or use without God’s permission. God asks us the rhetorical question of how we can worship others next to Him, when we know deep down that God has no equal? That is why God and no one else has the sole right to command and our absolute obedience is due to Him and no one else. All acts of worship are due to him, without the addition of any partners.

But how often do we see worship that is reduced to dry, empty rituals. In this verse, God tells us the purpose of worship: Taqwa. In most of the Qur’an translations, Taqwa is translated as fear of God, piety or righteousness. Perhaps the more accurate translation would be „God consciousness“. Taqwa means that you are aware of God’s presence at all times and at all times and that you take care of things that displease God by doing only what is right. God is of no use to our worship and He also does not need our worship; worship, like all other His commands, only benefits us. When someone worships God, he remembers Him and recalls the meaning and purpose of our lives and is prevented from doing so. to commit evil and bad deeds. These admonitions lead to Taqwa or God consciousness. When a person has reached this state, he does nothing or says anything that pleases his master, because he keeps true reality in mind.


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