Ten Reasons to Get Excited about the Dead Sea Scrolls

Five Reasons to Get Excited about the Dead Sea Scrolls 1) They’re old. So what? Yeah, well, I understand. Grandpa’s old, but the only one who’s excited about him is grandma, and even there, the magic wore off twenty years ago. But the key is not the age of the Dead...

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The Dead Sea Scrolls, in Ten Easy Steps

1) Khirbet Qumran, meaning ‘ruin of’ Qumran, sits on a plateau at the top of an irregular border of limestone cliffs beside the Dead Sea. Many of these cliffs contain caves which, given their location, are accessible only with difficulty. To the West lies the Judean...

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What is Sikhism?

(part 1 of 2): Ten Gurus and a Book Sikhism originated from the word Sikh, which in turn comes from the Sanskrit root śiṣya meaningdisciple or learner. It is the world’s fifth largest religion, with approximately 27 million adherents. The majority of Sikhs live in the...

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