Did God Sacrifice Jesus?

In this short article, we would like to share with you our belief about Jesus the son of Mary,
may peace and blessings be upon both of them. In particular, we would like to discuss the
concept of sacrifice to stimulate thought and discussion. Please take the time to read and
feel free to reach out to us regarding this message.

Let us analyze the narrative of God sacrificing His “Son” to “save us”.

The narrative is: God sent Jesus to our world and sacrificed him so that we, who put our
faith in His “Son”, will have our sins forgiven.

But, what does it mean to sacrifice?

It is to give up something you want to keep, to get or do something else. So, when someone
sacrifices something, it is because they are expecting something in return, a reward of some
sort. For example, we sacrifice our time at work so that we can make a living and support
our families. Our mothers sacrifice sleep so that we can be comfortable and well fed. We
sacrifice time at school so that we can get good grades, graduate and be successful. So, it is
clear that sacrifice is something that is done to gain.

Does God need to gain anything? No, He does not.

We know that God is Almighty; He is the Owner of the universe; meaning He owns and has
everything at His disposal. So, to whom did He sacrifice Jesus? And what would He get in
return of His sacrifice when everything in the earth and heavens is His?

Let us get a little deeper into this “sacrifice” narrative. Isn’t this “Son”, God anyway
(According to Trinity)? If the trinity is true, then this means God is giving away (sacrificing)
God. Contemplating this from outside the box looks like: God sent Himself then killed
Himself, essentially committed some form of suicide.

Hopelessness and despair are human attributes of weakness and neediness, something an
All Mighty God is free from. Also, suicide is considered a sin. Does it make sense to remove
sins with a sin? According to Trinity, this means Jesus (aka God and Son) sinned and was no
longer “holy”. The consequence of this is that Jesus was not infallible, not an “ideal”
candidate for sacrifice.

Let us dive even deeper. If ‘wages of sin is death’ (Ro 6:23) and Jesus took that burden,

Why do we still die?
Why do we still sin?
Why should we care if we sin, if this debt has been paid by the “sacrifice” of Jesus?

Further analyzing the “sacrifice” narrative we hear that God took the human form, “Jesus”
so that He can die.

An All Mighty God is eternal and does not die. We also hear that, Jesus became obedient
unto death. An All Mighty God does not need to be obedient to anyone or anything. Was He
obedient to Himself? But, was Jesus obedient?

If so, then why did Jesus pray to ‘let this cup pass’?
If so, then why did Jesus say, ‘God why have you forsaken me’?

It does not seem like Jesus was very happy or in agreement with this situation. Was Jesus
speaking to himself? If not, then either the person on the cross was not Jesus or Jesus was
not God.

Did you know that crucifixion is only for those who are cursed according to Jewish law?
This means Jesus was cursed and in turn means God was in part cursed.

Remember the definition of sacrifice from earlier? Technically it does not really count as a
sacrifice since God brought His “Son” back to life. A real sacrifice is when you cannot get
back what you have offered, so what is the meaning of such a sacrifice if God could recover
his offering, Jesus, His “Son”?

Essentially the narrative is: God sacrificed His “Son” for us, but not really. Confused yet?
The only thing that makes sense with this concept of sacrifice is that you must sacrifice
your intellect and logic to make it work.

Are you willing to gamble eternity for this convoluted concept? Islam offers a coherent
alternative explanation: God sent His righteous servant Jesus to remind the children of
Israel to keep their covenant with God. Many disbelieved and plotted to kill him in the
worst of ways, on the cross. This way people will believe that he was cursed and thus a
false prophet and then not follow his way. However, God will never forsake His messenger
Jesus. So, He saved Jesus and raised him to heaven where he, Jesus, is alive and waiting to
return to earth per God’s orders.

No one or “form of God” needs to be forsaken.
No one or “form of God” needs to be crucified.
No one or “form of God” needs to be cursed.
No one or “form of God” needs to be killed.

If you sin, then just ask God the All Mighty to forgive you and since He is the Most Forgiving
and loves to forgive. He will forgive you. It is that simple. This is Islam. If you have more
questions, then please ask a Muslim.