Introducing Islam

The Merits of Islam

There are many religions. Why do Muslims think that Islam is true. Is there any factual basis? Praise be to Allah. This is a reasonable enough question for one who has not entered Islam, but one who believes in and practices this religion already knows the blessings which are his…

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New Muslims and Halloween

One of the problems faced by new Muslims is the issue of different celebrations held throughout the year. Halloween or Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve is one example. Halloween is usually celebrated on the evening of October 31. This celebration has its pagan origins. The celebration represents the devil worshipper’s…

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The Inclusiveness of Islam

(part 1 of 3): The Finality of Prophethood What is meant here by “the inclusiveness of Islam” is that fact that Islam is for all times and places. Regardless of who a person may be or where he may be, Islam should be his religion and his way of life….

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Islam Q&A

Traps of Satan The wise person is he who studies his enemies’ strategies and takes the precautions and measures to defeat them. Your Lord has warned, “Indeed Satan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy…” Qur’an 35:6   History of Satan (Iblis) Satan was created from…

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Salvation in Islam

(part 1 of 3): What is Salvation? Islam teaches us that salvation is attainable through the worship of God alone. A person must believe in God and follow His commandments. This is the same message taught by all the Prophets including Moses and Jesus. There is only One worthy of…

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Prophethood in Islam .

Allah (God), the Creator of the universe and everything in it, created humans for a noble purpose: to worship Him alone and lead a virtuous life based on His teachings and guidance. However, one cannot fulfil this purpose without receiving clear guidelines from Allah. Allah, the Most Merciful and Just,…

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Why Islam?

Are all religions the same? How do I know which is correct? Why should I choose Islam? This pamphlet aims to discuss some of the beauties, benefits and unique aspects of Islam as compared to other beliefs and religions.   1. Close Relationship with the Creator At the core of…

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Accepting Islam

(part 1 of 2): A religion for all people, in all places Many people throughout the world today are searching for the truth; they search for meaning in their lives, and wonder what life is all about. Men and women ask the question, why am I here? In the midst…

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