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Introducing Islam

The Third Pillar of Islam: Compulsory Charity

Charity is not just recommended by Islam, it is required of every financially stable Muslim. Giving charity to those who deserve it is part of Muslim character and one of the Five Pillars of Islamic practice. Zakatis viewed as “compulsory charity”; it is an obligation for those who have received …
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The Fourth Pillar of Islam: The Fast of Ramadan

Fasting is not unique to the Muslims. It has been practiced for centuries in connection with religious ceremonies by Christians, Jews, Confucianists, Hindus, Taoists, and Jains. God mentions this fact in the Quran: “O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that …
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The Fifth Pillar of Islam: The Pilgrimage (Hajj)

The Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) is the fifth of the fundamental Muslim practices and institutions known as the five pillars of Islam. Pilgrimage is not undertaken in Islam to the shrines of saints, to monasteries for help from holy men, or to sights where miracles are supposed to have occurred, …
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Why Do Muslims Fast?

(part 1 of 2) Most of us who are fighting the battle of the bulge have experimented with some form of fasting, like an all fruit fast, a water fast or an sugar-free fast, you name it. But what many may find rather strange and intriguing is a whole nation of …
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What is a Mosque?

A mosque is the building in which Muslims worship God. Throughout Islamic history, the mosque was the centre of the community and towns formed around this pivotal building. Nowadays, especially in Muslim countries mosques are found on nearly every street corner, making it a simple matter for Muslims to attend …
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The Mosque

(part 1 of 2): More than a Place of Prayer The mosque or the building that Muslims refer to as the masjid is a familiar sight in most parts of the world. No matter what country or era, the mosque is built in it is always renowned for its unique architecture …
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Justice in Islam

The Meaning of Justice In the Islamic worldview, justice denotes placing things in their rightful place. It also means giving others equal treatment. In Islam, justice is also a moral virtue and an attribute of human personality, as it is in the Western tradition. Justice is close to equality in the …
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About Islam – a brief introduccion

Islam is a natural and complete way of life. It encourages one to give due attention to their relationship with their Creator (God). It teaches that people find true lasting happiness and peace through being close to God, following His guidance and performing good deeds. Muslims constitute approximately one fifth of …
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The Basis of Islam

The basis of the religion of Islam is the attestation to two phrases: (i) None is rightfully worshipped except God (La ilaaha ‘ill-Allah), and (ii) Muhammad is the Messenger of God (Muhammad-ur-Rasool-ullah). This phrase is known as theshahaadah, or testimony of faith. Through the belief and attestation of these two phrases one enters …
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