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Ramadan in Islam

Most of us who are fighting the battle of the bulge have experimented with some form of fasting, like an all fruit fast, a water fast or an sugar-free fast, you name it.  But what many may find rather strange and intriguing is a whole nation of people; be it man or woman, old or young, rich or poor; going completely without food and drink from dawn to dusk for a whole month – Ramadan.  What is the significance of Ramadan beyond shortened work hours?  Is it not a very harsh practice?  Is it merely a time when Muslims sleep and fast and hardly work all day; and eat, drink, enjoy and stay awake all night?  What really is the spirit of Ramadan?

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Women in Islam

Pre-Islamic Arabia was devoid of justice for women circa 600AD. Baby girls were killed solely for being female. Women had no rights to education and inheritance. They had no say in choosing a spouse. In sum, women were treated as possessions. The world was indeed ripe for Divide Guidance. This guidance came via Prophet Muhammad … Read more