Why Islam and not other religions?

1- Islam gives logical and simple idea for God – he is A perfect God – he is not a man nor a son of man nor an Idol or a Godhead (trinity) nor limited nor created – He is totally uncomparable, unique and to him belongs all the good qualities, names, attributes and oness

2- Islam accepts all Messengers and Prophets of God — about 124 000 Messengers and 314 Prophets.

In Islam, we love all the prophets of God and we can’t deny any of them – while in other religions such as Judaism for example – they reject Jesus and Mohammed — and in Christianity they reject Muhammad … but in Islam, we accept all .

3- In Islam, there is no mediator between you and God — you can pray to God directly – there is no need for someone in between…

4- Islam is the Only religion that is Not named after a person or a tribe or a group, its name means submission to the One True God, if anyone anywhere at any time lived the life of submission to the true God alone , then he is a Muslim.

5- In Islam (worship) is not about mere rituals. it’s a comprehensive term that includes any deed that pleases God.
All good deeds are types of worship, smiling, being sincere at work, saying a nice word, and even treating one’s spouse gently, all this is greatly rewarded by God. And in the opposite any deed that doesn’t please God is a sin; talking bad about people is a sin, cheating, lying, hurting innocent people, harming the environment.

6- In Islam God is always forgiving – If you always repent (before death ) he will just accept you no matter how great sins you did >he forgive us out of his own grace – there is no price to be paid in order for him to forgive > so it’s not like Christianity which says that God can’t forgive except by blood of Jesus ..

7- Islam is a way of life – it organises each aspect in your life.. it has solutions and divine guidelines to problems in your life .

8- The amazing sources of Islam were also collected and saved — it never happened to any book in history — it’s through the uncut chain of known narrators who registered all prophet’s tradition from His time up to now… besides the millions who memorise it from cover to cover since that time up till today – Not to forget being documented in front of the prophet by known companions!

9- Islam prohibits blind following without knowledge and it invites us to use our brains to know truth, it is based on evidence and logic. The rational mind is the basis for religious accountability and responsibility.

10- The moral system of Islam is very high and perfect and thus the countries that apply Islamic laws in a proper way — they have less moral crimes.

11- You won’t lose Jesus if you accept Islam, but you will just correct your belief in him , In Islam, Jesus stands for a good position in Islam. He is one of greatest 5 messengers of God (Noah Abraham Moses Jesus Muhammed) together with other messengers.. they were all special and they were all humans like us– none of them must be worshiped — we only worship God who sent them . We believe that Jesus was a noble Messenger of God but not divine,,,, we love Jesus and obey his true teachings and pray like him , fast like him , and a person won’t lose Jesus if he accepts Islam — but you will just correct his belief about him as said.

12- Paradise in Islam is a real physical life for both Body and soul, you will go there , eating drinking marrying and meeting with prophets and having wonderful eternally life and free of doing work or worship..unlike in other religions which they think its only spiritual life .

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