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Why do we exist?

What is the Quran?


As Muslims, we believe that certain Prophets were revealed divine books. For example the Torah, Zabur, Injeel (Gospel) and of course the Quran. All these books taught the belief and worship of One God, but overtime were changed, apart from the Quran, in which Allah promises to protect as his final revelation. The Quran also […]

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Who is Muhammad?


The Final Prophet We believe that all Prophets received divine inspiration to propagate the message of “One God”. This includes Adam, Moses, Noah, David, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad (being the final and seal of all prophets). We do not worship any of the prophets, nor do we say they wrote the messages, they are simply […]

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Jesus Is A Muslim


Muslims are Christians For starters, Muslims are Christians – if “Christian” means someone following the teachings of Christ, so by learning about Islam you are not disobeying Jesus. For example the Quran forbids Swine, (Holy Quran 2:173) and so too does the bible (Deuteronomy 14:8). This is also the case with interest whereby it is forbidden […]

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Who is Allah?


GOD’S ATTRIBUTES If the Creator is Eternal and Everlasting, then His attributes must also be eternal and everlasting. He should not lose any of His attributes nor acquire new ones. If this is so, then his attributes are absolute. Can there be more than one Creator with such absolute attributes? Can there be, for example, […]

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Women in Islam


Pre-Islamic Arabia was devoid of justice for women circa 600AD. Baby girls were killed solely for being female. Women had no rights to education and inheritance. They had no say in choosing a spouse. In sum, women were treated as possessions. The world was indeed ripe for Divide Guidance. This guidance came via Prophet Muhammad […]

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What Is Islam?


Islam basically means submission to Allah (The one and only God) and Belief in all the Prophets and their books. Islam teaches that one can only find true peace in one’s life by submitting to the one and only God (Allah) in heart, soul and deed. One who submits to the one and only God […]

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Have you ever wondered why a nun can be covered from head to toe and she’s respected for devoting herself to God, but when a Muslim woman covers, she’s viewed as “oppressed”? Or why a Jew can grow a beard and he’s just practicing his faith, and when a Muslim does that, he’s an “extremist”? […]

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Top 10 Questions


These are the top 10 questions asked by non-muslims with their answers from Muslims   1. Do Muslims worship Muhammad, peace be upon him (pbuh)? No. Muslims do not worship Muhammad (pbuh) or any other prophets. Muslims believe in all prophets including Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses and Jesus. Muslims believe that Muhammad (pbuh) […]

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Muhammad in the Bible


…at Muhammad’s (pbuh) life, it becomes clear that he upheld the basic tenets that the Biblical Prophets came with, and led millions to do the same. Indeed it was because of the teachings of Muhammad (pbuh) that billions of Muslims since his time up until today have revered the persons of Jesus, Moses and Abraham […]

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What is the purpose of life?

Desert Highway

The most important question in life is ‘Why are we here?’ Well, why are we here?  To amass fame and fortune?  To make music and babies?  To be the richest man or woman in the graveyard for, as we are jokingly told, “He who dies with the most toys wins?” No, there must be more […]

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