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(part 1 of 2): A religion for all people, everywhere


Many people all over the world are looking for the truth today. They look for meaning in their lives and ask what this life is good for. Men and women ask themselves: why am I here? Amid suffering and pain, mankind calls softly or loudly for relief or understanding. Amidst pleasure, a person often tries to understand the source of such enthusiasm. Sometimes people think about adopting Islam as their true religion, but they find some obstacles.

In the happiest moments of life, or in the darkest hours, a person’s instinctive response, a connection to some kind of Supreme Being, God, can be achieved. Even those who consider themselves atheists or unbelievers have at some point in their lives the innate feeling of being part of a grand plan.

The religion of Islam is based on a core belief that there is one God. He alone is the sustainer and creator of the universe. He has no partners, no children or companions. He is the Most Merciful, the Wisest, and the Most Righteous. He is the all-hearing, all-seeing and all-knowing. He is the first, he is the last.

It is comforting to think that our trials, sufferings and triumphs in this life are not accidental acts of a cruelly organized universe. Belief in God, belief in One God, the creator and sustainer of everything that exists, is a fundamental right. Knowing with certainty that our existence is part of a well-ordered world, and that life unfolds as it should, is a concept that brings peace and quiet.

Islam is a religion that looks at life and says that this world is a transit point and the reason for our existence is to worship God. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? God is one, acknowledge this and worship Him, then peace and quiet can be achieved. This is tangible for everyone and can be easily maintained by sincerely believing that there is no god but God.

Unfortunately, in this beautiful, new century, we strive to cross borders and rediscover the world in all its glory, but they have forgotten the Creator and forgotten that life should be easy. Finding our connection with God and establishing a relationship with Him is the highest if we want to live peacefully and the bonds that bind us to pain, psychological turmoil and sadness.

Islam was sent down for all people, in all places and at all times. It was not sent down just for men or for a particular race or ethnic group. It is a complete way of life based on the teachings found in the Quran and in the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad. It sounds simple again, doesn’t it? Guidance from the Creator to His Creation revealed. It is a foolproof plan to achieve eternal happiness in this life and in the next.
The Quran and the authentic traditions explain the concept of God and give details of what is allowed and what is prohibited. They explain the basics of good manners and customs and give instructions for worship. They tell stories about the prophets and our righteous ancestors and describe paradise and hell. This guidance has been sent down for all of humanity and God Himself says that He does not want to impose any difficulties on humanity.

„God does not want to press you with difficulties, but only wants to purify you and to fulfill His grace on you so that you may be thankful.“ (Quran 5: 6)

When we approach God, He hears us and answers, and the truth is Islam, the pure monotheism that would be revealed. All of this sounds simple and should be straightforward, but sadly we humans have a way of making things difficult. We are persistent, and yet God has always given us a clear path.

Accepting Islam as a true religion should be simple. There is no god but God. What could be a clearer statement? Nothing is less complicated, but sometimes the prospect of redefining the belief system can be scary and fraught with obstacles. When a person contemplates Islam as the religion of their choice, they will often come up with reasons that make them refuse to accept that what their heart says is the truth.

Currently, the truth of Islam is blurred by what appears to be a set of rules and laws that seem almost impossible to comply with. Muslims don’t drink alcohol, Muslims don’t eat pork, Muslim women have to wear headscarves, Muslims have to pray five times a day. Men and women find themselves saying things like, „I can’t stop drinking“ or „I find it difficult to pray every day, let alone the five times“.

In fact, once a person has accepted that there is no God other than God and has developed a relationship with Him, the rules and laws become meaningless. It is a slow process to want to please God. For some, accepting the guidelines for a happy life is a matter of days, or even hours; for others, it could be weeks, months, or even years. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone is unique and the connection to each other’s God comes about through different circumstances. One trip is not more correct than the other.

Many people think they have committed too great and too many sins for God to ever forgive them. They are reluctant to accept what they know is the truth because they fear they will not be able to control themselves and give up committing sins or crimes. But Islam is a religion of forgiveness, and God loves to forgive. Even if mankind’s sins reached to the clouds in the sky, God will forgive them until the last hour is almost here.

If a person truly believes that there is no god other than God, then he or she should adopt Islam without delay. Even if he is afraid, he will continue to sin or there are some aspects of Islam that he does not fully understand. Belief in one God is the most basic belief in Islam and as soon as someone establishes a connection to God, changes will occur in his life; Changes that would have been impossible before.
In the following article we will learn that there is only an unforgivable sin and that God is the Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving.


(part 2 of 2): The Religion of Forgiveness

We ended the first part by giving the good advice, if a person truly believes that there is no god but God, then he or she should immediately adopt Islam. We have also argued that Islam is a religion of forgiveness. No matter how many sins a person may have committed, they are not unforgivable. God is the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful and the Quran emphasizes these qualities over 70 times.

„And Allah is what is in heaven and what is on earth; He forgives who He wants and punishes who He wants, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.“ (Quran 3: 129)

There is, however, one sin that God will not forgive, and that is the sin when partners or companions are added to God. A Muslim believes that God is one, without partners, offspring and without companions. He is the only one worthy to be worshiped.

„Say (o Muhammad):“ He is Allah, one, Allah, as-Samad (eternally independent, on whom everything depends). He does not begat and has not been begotten and there is no one equal to him. „(Quran 112)

“ Verily, Allah will not forgive that gods are put at his side; but He forgives what is less than what He wants. And whoever puts Gods to the side of God has truly committed a tremendous sin. „(Quran 4:48)

It may seem strange to say that God is the Most Merciful and to emphasize that Islam is the religion of forgiveness, while we also say that there is an unforgivable sin. This is not a strange or untrustworthy concept if you understand that this serious sin is only unforgivable if a person dies without repenting to God. At any time until a sinful man takes his last breath, he or she can sincerely turn to God and ask for forgiveness knowing that God is truly the Most Merciful, Most Forgiving. Sincere repentance assures us of God’s forgiveness.

„Speak to those who disbelieve that the past will be forgiven if they refrain from (their unbelief).“ (Quran 8:38)

The Prophet Muhammad, God’s blessing and peace be upon him, said: „God will accept the repentance of His servant until the death roar has reached his throat.“ [1] The Prophet Muhammad also said: „Islam destroys what is before him came (from sins). „[2]

As discussed in the previous article, it is often the case that a person considers accepting Islam that he is confused or even ashamed of the many sins he has committed in his life . Some people wonder how they can ever become good, morally sound people when their sins and crimes lurk in the shadows.

Accepting Islam and pronouncing the words known as Shahada or Creed (I testify „La ilaaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasuulu Allah.“ [3]), cleans up the status of the person. He or she becomes like a newborn baby, completely sinless. It is a fresh start in which past sins no longer hold a person captive. There is no need to be persecuted by your past sins. Every new Muslim comes free and free to live a life based on the fundamental belief that God is One.

If you are no longer held back by fear that past sins or ways of life will prevent you from living a good life, the path to embracing Islam will often be easier. Knowing that God can forgive everyone is a comforting prospect. Nevertheless, the most important understanding is that nothing and none other than God is entitled to worship, because this is the foundation of Islam.

God created humanity only to worship Him alone (Quran 52:56) and to know how this worship remains pure and unadulterated is essential. However, one often learns the details after realizing the sublime truth of the Islamic way of life.

„And follow the best that has been sent down to you from your Lord before the punishment suddenly comes over you, while you do not notice it, so that no one speaks:“ Oh woe to me for what I failed to do with Allah! Because truly, I was one of the mockers. „(Quran 39: 55-56)

Once someone has accepted the truth of Islam, that there is no god but God alone, it is time for them to learn about their religion. It is time for him to understand the inspirational beauty and lightness of Islam and to learn about all the prophets and messengers of Islam, including the last Prophet Muhammad. If God determines that a person’s life ends soon after they have accepted Islam, it can be seen as God’s grace, because a person as pure as a newborn baby would be required to have eternal paradise; through the grace of God and His infinite wisdom.

When a person contemplates accepting Islam, many of the barriers he or she perceives are nothing more than illusions and tricks from Satan. It is clear that once a person is chosen by God, Satan will do his best to mislead that person and bombard them with small whispers and doubts. The religion of Islam is a gift, and just like any other gift, it must be accepted and opened before the true value of its content can be revealed. Islam is a way of life that makes eternal bliss in the hereafter an attainable dream. There is no god but God, the one and only, the first and the last. Knowing him is the key to success and accepting Islam is the first step on our journey to the afterlife.

[1] At-Tirmidhi
[2] Sahieh Muslim
[3] I testify that none is worth worshiping except God Alone and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of God. For additional information on Shahadabitte please click here


Source: https://www.islamland.com/deu/articles/den-islam-annehmen

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