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Frauen im Islam: Unterdrückung oder Befreiung?

For centuries, women around the world have been aware of the liberation based on the concept of holding onto the hijab. Current events in the world have once again brought the issue of women’s liberation to the fore.

Can a woman who holds on to the hijab be released?

Can a religion that regards decency as part of its belief clearly define equality between men and women, as well as their rights and responsibilities? The answer is a resounding „yes“. At a time when the foundations of Islam are questioned by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, we have to be careful when evaluating Islam.

The general picture drawn by the media is biased and unfounded. The impression that some Muslims give up to the outside world is often not a true reflection of religion, a religion that is a perfection of all religions. Islam, the religion for all people, at all times and in all places, is the one that takes the equality of men and women very seriously. She sees the liberation of women as essential and regards decency, good character and manners as the way to achieve such liberation.

Too often the image of the veiled woman is used to represent what many in the world think is oppression. Their existence is described in a way that they convey ignorance and unhappiness. Words such as „beating“, „oppressed“ and „oppressed“ are used in a desperate attempt by the Western media to convince readers that women have no rights in Islam. Descriptive and intrinsically oppressive terms such as „veiled“ and „tied up“ are used to portray an image of women who are insane and who are slaves or property of their husbands and fathers. In the nineteenth century, TE Lawrence described women in Arabia as „walking dead“ and from that time on, the true status of women in Islam was obscured by misunderstandings. The truth about women and Islam is far from this melodaramatic representation.

Over 1400 years ago, Islam raised the status of women from one of oppression to one of liberation and equality. In an age when women were viewed as possessions, Islam has restored their dignified rank.
To get true insight into the real and sustained liberation that Islam guarantees women, we must first examine the concept of liberation as viewed in the West. In western countries, where liberation includes limitless freedom, many women actually find themselves leading a life that they are unsatisfied with and feel meaningless. In their search for liberation, they abandoned the ideals of morality and permanence and found themselves in marriages and families that have little resemblance to real life.

Is it exemption if you work all day and come home in the evening and then do your housework? What kind of exemption is it if you have babies that are delivered to crèches at the age of six weeks so that they learn the behavior and manners of strangers? Six-year-old girls have been diagnosed with eating disorders, teenage pregnancies are common, and women who choose to stay at home to take care of their families are considered old-fashioned or unable to work.

Western women are liberated: liberated to the point that they are no longer free to choose the life that would be natural for them. They are only free to choose from the selection of consumer goods that their masters offer them. The so-called liberated women in the West have become slaves. Slaves to the economic system, slaves to fashion and the beauty industry, and slaves to a society that sees them as brainless machines that have been taught to look seductive, make money, and shop. Even a career woman who has managed to cut her way through the glass ceiling is a slave of the consumer society who expects her to live in a big house wearing only the latest designer fashions,

Is this freedom?

The natural disposition of women is to find favor, consolation and support from their husbands: their husbands, fathers, brothers or sons. The natural disposition of men is to protect, support and care for their rightful women in their lives: their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. Islam, the only true religion and the infallible guide in life, orders us to follow these natural predispositions. It allows us to give up ideas that are alien to human nature and supports us in building and maintaining natural family relationships that allow us to form part of the wider Muslim community.

A Muslim woman knows her place in society and she knows her place in the family infrastructure. Your religion has top priority, so your role is clearly defined and well defined. A Muslim woman is far from being oppressed; she is a woman, she is literally liberated. She is not a servant of any man or of an economic system; but she is the servant of God. Islam clearly defines women’s rights and their spiritual, social and economic responsibilities. The clearly defined guidelines of Islam are overwhelming; they elevate women to a natural and revered position.

In Islam there is no need for women to protest and demonstrate for equal rights. They don’t have to spend their lives aimlessly buying property and money. With the perfection of Islam as the natural and only true religion came the undeniable fact that women and men are equal, one of the other’s partner and supporter.

“Then her master heard her (and said):“ See, I will not let any work of the active among you be lost, be it from man or woman; some of you are from others. And those who emigrated there and from their homes were expelled and on my way suffered and fought and fell, I will wipe out their misdeeds, and I will lead them into gardens, rush through the streams, as a reward from God. “ And with God is the best reward ”(Quran 3: 195),

“ But those who do what is right, be it man or woman, and believe in it, will go to paradise and will not suffer the slightest injustice. ” (Quran 4: 124)

In Islam, women have the right to own, buy, sell, give, and give alms for the money they deserve. You have formal inheritance rights. You have a right to training; the search and acquisition of knowledge is a duty for all Muslims, male and female. Married Muslim women are completely free from the obligation to support the family, but they are also allowed to do so if they want to.

You must not be forced to marry in any way, but you have the right to accept or decline an appropriate offer. In Islam, women have the right to ask for divorce if necessary, just as they have the right to protect their marriages.

Islam teaches that the family is the core of society. In Western cultures, the fabric of society has been torn apart by the breakdown of the family unit. It is these crumbling societies that call for women’s liberation. It appears to be a misguided and weak attempt to find a way of protection and security. Such security can only be achieved when man turns back to God and accepts the role for which he or she was created.

Liberation means freedom, but not the freedom to do what you like. Freedom must never be at the expense of yourself or the wider society. When a woman fulfills the role for which she was created, she is not only liberated but strengthened.

The decently dressed or covered woman you see on the street is released. She is released from the shackles that bind the feet of her western colleagues. It is freed from the economic enslavement of the West, and freed from the need to run a household and family without the support of her husband or without the help of wider society. She lives her life according to God’s guidelines; her life is filled with peace, joy and strength. She is not afraid of this world, but she engages with patience and steadfastness in her trials and temptations; she is certain that true liberation can only be achieved through total and voluntary submission to the natural order of this universe.

Oppression cannot be defined by a piece of material, but rather by a disease of the heart and a weakening of the mind. Oppression grows in a society that is crumbling because its members have lost sight of the true meaning of their existence. Liberation arises and almost has roots in a society that is just, holds together and is based on natural order and divine guidelines. Islam is such a society and this is what frees a Muslim woman.



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