Beschneidung von Frauen im Islam

(part 1 of 2): The History of Female Genital Cutting (FGC) and Its Types A common phenomenon that is unfortunately almost exclusively associated with Islam is the different forms of female circumcision or FGC [1]. Although many of those involved in this cause associate it with Islam, most forms of FGC that are currently occurring … Weiterlesen

Warum trage ich Hijab?

I probably don’t fit the picture of a „rebel“. I have no visible tattoos and only a few piercings. I don’t even have a leather jacket. Most people think when they see me that I am one of the „oppressed women“. The brave people who once put up all their courage and ask me about … Weiterlesen


Judith Warner’s book Perfect Madness, published by Riverhead Books, tells us that Warner found out during her research: “Seventy percent of American mothers say they find it ‚incredibly stressful‘ to be a mother these days . ” „It is reported that thirty percent of young mothers have depression.“ In countries where all that glitters is … Weiterlesen

Frauen im Islam

(part 1 of 2)   Introduction The issue of gender equality is important, relevant and current. Debates and writings on this topic are becoming more and more diverse in their perspectives. The Islamic perspective on this issue is the one that is least understood and most misinterpreted by non-Muslims and Muslims alike. This article is … Weiterlesen

Unterdrückt der Islam Frauen?

 Fourteen centuries ago, Islam gave women rights, rights that their European counterparts could not have imagined. Bold words! Words that have been uttered over and over again, especially in the past two or three decades by Muslim converts and Islamic writers, academics and educators around the world. Women’s rights, responsibilities and selection were the subjects … Weiterlesen

Frauen im Islam

[German – German – ألماني] Mostafa Malaekah Translator: A group of translators 1434 – 2013 المرأة في الإسلام „باللغة الألمانية“ مصطفى ملائكة ترجمة: مجموعة من المترجمين 1434 – 2013 Description: The status of women and gender equality in Islam . introduction The issue of gender equality is important, relevant and topical. Debates and writings on … Weiterlesen