Was sagt der Islam über Terrorismus?

What Does Islam Say About Terrorism?

Islam, a religion of mercy, does not allow terrorism. In the Qur’an, God says:

“God does not forbid you to be kind to those who have not fought you for faith and have not driven you out of your homes, and to treat them fairly; truly God loves the righteous. ”(Quran 60: 8)

The Prophet Muhammad forbade the soldiers to kill women and children, [1] and he instructed them:“ Do not be a traitor, do not be excessive and do not kill a newborn child .. . ”[2] And he also said:“ Whoever kills a person who has a contract with the Muslims should not smell paradise, even though it can be smelled forty years in advance. ”[3]

The Prophet Muhammad also has torture with fire prohibited. [4]

He once counted murder as the second of the great sins, [5] and even mentioned that on the day of judgment, “The first cases to be decided between people on the day of judgment are those of blood guilt. [6]” [7]
Muslims are even encouraged to be kind to animals and are prohibited from harming them. Prophet Muhammad once said: “A woman was punished for locking up a cat until it died. For this reason, she was banished to hell. When she caged the cat, she did not give her food or water, nor did she release her so that she could eat the insects of the earth. ”[8]

He also spoke of a man who gave a very thirsty dog ​​something to drink; then God forgave his sins. The Prophet was asked: „Messenger of God, are we rewarded for kindness to animals?“ He replied: „There is a reward for kindness to every living thing: animal or human.“ [9]

If you give an animal that food Muslims were also ordered to do so in such a way that the animal should fear as little as possible or even suffer. The Prophet Muhammad said: “When you slaughter an animal, do it in the best way. The knife should be sharpened to reduce the animal’s suffering. ”[10]

In the face of these and other Islamic reports, inciting terror in the hearts of defenseless citizens, completely destroying buildings and possessions, bombing and mutilating innocent men, women and children must be seen as acts prohibited and despicable by Islam and Muslims. Muslims have a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and most of it has nothing to do with violent crimes that some associate with Muslims. If a single Muslim commits a terrorist act, that person is punishable under Islamic law.


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