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Was treibt Menschen dazu, zum Islam zu konvertieren?

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The nature of religious belief is quite mysterious. As part of their religious affiliation, people believe in a variety of gods. There are people who have religious beliefs in the invisible, supreme, inimitable power, and then there are others who believe in some people as gods, or in animals (eg monkeys), fire, stone idols, and the list goes on further.

A lot is associated with religious „beliefs“. Part of it has to do with foundations of faith that have been passed down through generations. Therefore, the identity of the people is bound to it. Often these beliefs and the feelings associated with them cannot be fully demonstrated by the mind or any reasonable argument. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way that religious belief came about.

Almost everyone thinks their beliefs and views are right. Being with people and groups of similar beliefs reinforces people’s beliefs, and they see it as correct, even though reasoning and reasoning sometimes fail to explain it. It is simple human psychology.

Islam’s arguments are based on intellectual considerations

However, Muslims believe that the Islamic religion is different in this context. One can argue that, like other beliefs, there are aspects that cannot be fully shown by the mind, but on the other hand, the Qur’an text, which is God’s Word that addresses all of humanity, uses intellectual mind, critical thinking and the process of reflection as a means, not only to reinforce the faith of believers, but also to invite non-Muslims to reflect on the authenticity of Islam as a way of life for all of humanity. Even though no religious belief can be built entirely on logic and reflection, Islam and the Qur’an provide more than enough examples and the opportunity to No one (no Muslim and no other) would doubt that critical thinking and reflection can be a major catalyst for changing one’s life. Critical thinking has been used by many to simply improve their lives, because a critical thinker asks questions about a situation, gathers as much information as possible, thinks about the perspectives found, and draws conclusions in accordance with the information available, keeps one open and impartial mind and carefully analyzes assumptions and looks for alternatives.

This is why new Muslim converts, when declaring their journey to Islam, attribute it to the use of intelligent meditation, reflection, and critical thinking. Such people break the hysteria, as the media see Islam, with critical eyes and follow the truth that comes naturally to them as part of a process. How else can one explain the increase in conversions with the increase in anti-Islamic rhetoric? How else can you explain that more non-Muslim preachers have converted to Islam than ever before? Although we as Muslims believe that guidance comes from Allah alone, the use of God’s reasonable reasoning has a very powerful role to play among Muslim converts to make this fate-changing decision. And once converted, they rarely return to their old beliefs simply because a belief based on logic and reason is much less likely to be shaken than one that is simply a number of rituals and sacraments.

Reasons given by new converts

Some of the reasons cited for why people convert to Islam are the beauty of the Quran language, its overwhelming scientific facts and evidence, reasoned reasoning, and the divine wisdom behind numerous social issues. The uniqueness and beauty of the Quran text has been admired by the best Arabic linguists and scholars, both Muslims and non-Muslims, from the days of its revelation to the present day. The more people have knowledge of the language, the more they recognize the wonders of the Qur’an’s textual dexterity. Revealed over 1400 years ago, the Quran contains numerous scientific facts which have only been confirmed by the sciences in this era. It is also the only known religious text that challenges humanity to think, reflect and reflect on creation as a whole, on social issues, the existence of God and more. The Quran calls on people in many places to rather reflect and think for themselves than to headlessly follow the talk of those whose criticism is based on unfounded foundations. Finally, the Quran provides a solution to numerous social issues, the deviations of which are known to have created social chaos at all levels. The Quran calls on people in many places to rather reflect and think for themselves than to headlessly follow the talk of those whose criticism is based on unfounded foundations. Finally, the Quran provides a solution to numerous social issues, the deviations of which are known to have created social chaos at all levels. The Quran calls on people in many places to rather reflect and think for themselves than to headlessly follow the talk of those whose criticism is based on unfounded foundations. Finally, the Quran provides a solution to numerous social issues, the deviations of which are known to have created social chaos at all levels.

The Quran is a reliable confirmation of a Supreme Being; the only known religious book that gives a reliable confirmation of a Supreme Being on all questions from the creation of the universe to the special components of the social milieu. In addition, his divine text – the language and prose of the Qur’an – differs significantly from what the Prophet said, which shows that the Quran can not have come from the creative imagination or inspired words of the Prophet Muhammad, as many doubters in have claimed the past, and still do today.

We can see that most of these reasons can only be attributed to the process of critical thinking and intellectual reflection. However, cold thinking alone is not enough. The heart must be included in the search: a search whose goal is to find the truth and its core. No wonder that when people first hear and understand the Quran, they say,


“We believe in it. Truly it is the truth from our Lord; we had surrendered to him before. We were Muslims! ” (Quran 28:53)


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The Qur’an encourages all humanity to think and reflect on their affairs on various occasions. This is some of what the Quran says:

So We make the verses (and their explanations) clear to the people who think. (Jonas, Quran 10:24)

Didn’t they worry about themselves? God only created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in a just manner and for a certain period of time. But truly, many of the people do not believe in meeting their Lord. (The Romans, Quran 30: 8)

It is He who made the night for you to rest in it, and the day full of light. Verily, there are signs in it for the people who can hear. (Jonas, Quran 10:67) Does
man think he would be left to his own devices? (The Resurrection, Quran 75:36)

Did you think we had created you in pointlessness and you would not be brought back to Us? ” (The Faithful, Quran 23: 115)

Do you think most of them heard or understood? They are just like cattle – no, they strayed even further from the path. (The distinction, Quran 25:44)

Have you not considered that your companion (Muhammad) is not possessed? He is nothing more than a clear warner. (The Heights, Quran 7: 184)

If we had sent this Quran down to a mountain, you would have seen it humiliate and split out of fear of God. And we shape such parables for people so that they may think. (The Assembly, Quran 59:21)
If we study the many cases of new Muslim converts, we see that critical thinking and reasonable thinking has led these people to their non-Muslim belief – the same belief that they previously thought could move mountains that but has been weakened by the voice of reason, which is easily heard in the root of Islam. A mere process of reflection and reflection brings so much light that would otherwise be hidden by the distractions and powers of the anti-Islamic scholars. Those who only want to see the negative cannot see the light of truth. They tend to get lost in a never ending surface analysis to prove their misguided philosophies unsuccessfully.

There are numerous statistics in the media that illuminate the phenomenal rate of people converting to Islam. Although the authenticity of all of these sources has not been assessed for the purpose of this article, some of them include the following:

According to The Almanac Book of Facts, the population has increased by 137% in the past ten years, Christianity has increased by 46% , while Islam saw an increase of 235%.

100,000 people convert to Islam each year in America alone. For every male convert, there are four female converts.

According to a television report: 4000 Germans convert to ISLAM every year.

Around 25,000 people convert to Islam in the UK alone.

… there are many more examples.


What about the Muslims?

If the voices of reason contained in the teachings of Islam make non-Muslims accept Islam in droves, why is it that so many Muslims who are normally born in religion fail to do so to fully obey and so enjoy the teachings of religion? Indeed, it can simply be the lack of critical thinking and thinking on the part of some Muslims that forces the Muslim world as a whole to lead a lifestyle below the standard. Islam and its teachings keep the promise of a full and peaceful life for everyone. Even if Muslims continue to ignore the basics and sink into the swamp of social and moral issues that cause unnecessary pain and suffering for themselves and their families. The fact is,

The message

For non-Muslims who have only scratched the surface of Islam and who can be distracted by those who are the wrong torchbearers of religion and by the biased voices in the media, the message is simple – try the teachings of To see Islam with critical eyes. It may be that you can see more reason in it than you initially suspected. For Muslims, the message is often that we simply do not recognize the teachings of our religion because we never think and only grow up with some religious practices in our lives. A purposeful effort to learn, think and think will help us get closer to religious teachings in a way that can dramatically improve our lives.


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