Audrey, USA

(part 1 of 2)   This is my story As I sit here, remembering my story, tears come to my eyes. So many minor things happened by the will of God, the Almighty, that brought me to revert to Islam. I have learned that when people say no, you say yes, when they stare you … Read more

Michael Wolfe, Journalist, USA

After twenty-five years as a writer in America, I wanted something to soften my cynicism. I was searching for new terms by which to see. The way one is raised establishes certain needs in this department. From a pluralist background, I naturally placed great stress on the matters of racism and freedom. Then, in my … Read more

Anselm Tormeeda, Priest and Christian Scholar, Spain

Great numbers of Christians embraced Islam during and soon after the Islamic conquests after the prophets death. They were never compelled, rather it was a recognition of what they were already expecting. Anselm Tormeeda[1], a priest and Christian scholar, was one such person who’s history is worth relating. He wrote a famous book called “The … Read more

Sue Watson, Professor, Pastor, Church Planter and Missionary, Now in Saudi Arabia

“What happened to you?” This was usually the first reaction I encountered when my former classmates, friends and co-pastors saw me after having embraced Islam. I suppose I couldn’t blame them, I was a highly unlikely the person to change religions. Formerly, I was a professor, pastor, church planter and missionary. If anyone was a … Read more