Why I became a Muslim – Ask A Muslim

Colonel Donald S. Rockwell, Poet and Critic, USA

The simplicity of Islam, the powerful appeal and the compelling atmosphere of its mosques, the earnestness of its faithful adherents, the confidence inspiring realization of the millions throughout the world who answer the five daily calls to prayer – these factors attracted me from the first. But after I had determined to become a follower … Read more

Wilfried Hofmann, German Social Scientist and Diplomat

(part 1 of 2) Ph.D (Law) Harvard. German Social Scientist and Diplomat. Embraced Islam in 1980. Dr. Hofmann, who accepted Islam in 1980, was born as a Catholic in Germany in 1931. He graduated from Union College in New York and completed his legal studies at Munich University where he received a doctorate in jurisprudence … Read more

Leopold Weiss, Statesman and Journalist, Austria

(part 1 of 2) Muhammad Asad was born Leopold Weiss in July 1900 in the city of Lvov (German Lemberg), now in Poland, then part of the Austrian Empire. He was the descendant of a long line of rabbis, a line broken by his father, who became a barrister. Asad himself received a thorough education … Read more

Yvonne Ridley, Journalist, UK

If you were being interrogated by the Taleban as a suspected US spy, it might be hard to imagine a happy ending. But for journalist Yvonne Ridley, the ordeal in Afghanistan led her to convert to a religion she says is “the biggest and best family in the world”. The formerly hard-drinking Sunday school teacher … Read more

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Basketball Player, USA

Acknowledged by many players as the greatest basketball player of all time, voted six times the National Basketball Association’s most valuable player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also one of the most visible Muslims in the American public arena. The 7’ 2”native upper Harlem, born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, starred for UCLA before entering the National Basketball Association … Read more

Laurence Brown, Medical Doctor, USA

(part 1 of 2): Conversion Stories Having repeated been asked about how I became Muslim, and why, I have decided to tell the story one last time, but this time on paper. However, I feel conversion stories are worthless unless related with the lessons learned, and it is with those lessons that I intend to … Read more

Salman the Persian, Zoroastrian, Persia

(part 1 of 2): From Zoroastrianism to Christianity   The blessed Companion of the Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, Salman al-Farisi narrates[1] his journey to Islam as follows: “I was a Persian man from the people of Isfahaan[2] from a town known as Jayi. My father was the … Read more

Peter Sanders, Photographer, UK

Peter Sanders was born in London in 1946. His professional career in photography began during the mid-sixties where he photographed most of the major stars in the music business including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, the Rolling Stones etc. Towards the end of the 1970’s, Sanders’ attention turned inward which set him … Read more

Sara Bokker, Former Actress and Model, USA

I am an American woman who was born in the midst of America’s “Heartland”. I grew up, just like any other girl, being fixated with the glamour of life in “the big city”. Eventually, I moved to Florida and on to South Beach of Miami, a hotspot for those seeking the “glamorous life”. Naturally, I … Read more

Stephen Schwartz, Journalist, USA

I am an American journalist and author. In 1997, aged 49, after more than 30 years of research study, and life experience, I came into Islam. This decision reflected many issues in my life. I grew up in an environment that would be extremely strange for most Americans. My father was Jewish; my mother was … Read more