Hajj – The Journey of a Lifetime

(part 1 of 2): The Day of Arafah and its Preparation The hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, a central duty of Islam whose origins date back to the Prophet Abraham, brings together Muslims of all races and tongues for one of life’s most moving spiritual experiences. For 14 centuries, countless millions of Muslims, men and … Read more

Worship in Islam

(part 1 of 3): The Meaning of Worship The concept and purpose of worship in Islam is unparallel to any other religion in existence. It combines the mundane with the spiritual, the individual with the society, and the internal soul with the external body. Worship has a unique role in Islam, and through worship, a … Read more

Ramadan and Fasting

(part 1 of 2): Fasting Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, can be 29 or 30 days long. An Islamic month begins with the sighting of the new crescent in the western horizon, immediately after sunset. Muslims look toward the western horizon for the new moon on the 29th day of Sha’ban, … Read more

A History of the Hajj

Hajj literally means ‘to set out for a place’. Islamicly, however, it refers to the annual pilgrimage that Muslims make to Makkah with the intention of performing certain religious rites in accordance with the method prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him. Hajj and its rites were … Read more

The Spirit and Ramadan

Every year Muslims from all over the world and from all ethnic and economic backgrounds begin fasting from dawn to sunset every day during a most blessed month in the Islamic tradition, known as Ramadan. But what makes Ramadan a blessed month? Why do Muslims fast during this month? What are the spiritual benefits of … Read more

The Hajj – The Pilgrimage

It’s that time of the year, Muslims all over the world are getting restless. Their Home in the heart of the planet beckons them. It’s time to pay homage to the Beloved God in the House. It’s time to come Home. It’s time to come Home to the Holy Sanctuary of Kaaba. It’s time to … Read more

Prayer in Islam

The religion of Islam and the Muslims feature prominently in the media nowadays; unfortunately, they are often depicted as fanatical or extreme for simply following the basic tenants of Islam. The information that is circulated is often incorrect or inadequately explained. Basic practices and pillars of Islam begin to take on strange connotations when the … Read more