New Muslims and Halloween

One of the problems faced by new Muslims is the issue of different celebrations held throughout the year. Halloween or Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve is one example.

Halloween is usually celebrated on the evening of October 31. This celebration has its pagan origins. The celebration represents the devil worshipper’s New Year. People wear costumes, go tricking and treating and decorate their houses with witches, spider nets and wasting.
Every Muslim has to celebrate only the celebrations that were celebrated by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his followers. There are two celebrations in Islam viz. `Eid al-Fitr and `Eid al-Adha. Rather than these two celebrations, a Muslim in not allowed to participate in.

New Muslims find it difficult to escape such situations. But they have to handle these situation wisely as much as they can.

As for Halloween, they can tell their neighbors ahead of time that according to their belief they are not recommended to celebrate such an event. This will help in introducing you to your neighbors and will be a good opportunity to tell them something about Islam. Some Muslim scholars suggest that you go out with your family and have dinner with them so that no one will be at home at the time of celebration.


Source: https://www.islamland.com/eng/articles/new-muslims-and-halloween

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