Who created God?

You have three possibilities for universe origin:

  1. It was created from nothing
  2. It was self-created
  3. It has an external cause

The first possibility is that the universe was created from nothing. Can something really come from nothing? This is impossible. We know from our own personal experience of life, as well as the laws of the universe, that things don’t just pop into existence out of nothing. Out of nothing, nothing comes! This leads us to the next possibility: the universe was self-created.


Can something create itself?

This is a self-contradiction. Something creating itself requires its own pre-existence. Things cannot exist and not exist at the same time. That would be like saying that your mother gave birth to herself! Since something cannot come from nothing, and self-creation is absurd,

Then what is the alternative?

There is one final possibility: the universe has an external cause. When we observe the planets, solar systems, galaxies, stars and everything else in the universe, we can see that it is highly ordered, with intricate systems and laws in place. This implies that there is an intelligent mind behind the universe, a Creator. Imagine a set of train locomotives endless can that be illogical no of course.

But we can deduce the creator is one because if they were two they would quarrel

  • A creator having another creator having another creator having another creator
    Non stop is insane it means no universe
  • Universe having no creator
    This is insane too nothing can do nothing because it 0 thing no power no intelligence etc
  • Creator having no creator and is independent which is the most logical one
    Because if they are only two you would see indifference in the universe

While now you can see one complete complex and amazing entity kingdom of  Allah the system is one from atom to galaxy and more. If one rule of universe is void the universe would all collapse. This question can be reformed like this: “Who created the Uncreated?” Does this question. Make any sense?

God is by definition Uncreated. Asking the question is equivalent of saying that there is no creation or nothing in existence today. Because if we ask, “What caused the cause that caused the universe?”, then we also have to ask, “What caused the cause that caused the cause that caused the universe?” Let’s continue, “What caused the cause that caused the cause that caused the cause that caused the universe?!” So this goes on and on and on to backwards, but at one point, there has to be an uncaused cause which is independent, or there would be nothing in existence today. If it is unlimited, it means that there is no end. In other words, if God had a creator, then he would not be God. Indeed, then his creator would be the ‘real God’. If we do not understand how God is without a beginning, it is our limitation. So the problem is with us, not with God. However, we can surely come to a rational and logical conclusion that we cannot have an infinite chain of creators, because it must have started somewhere by a Creator that is Uncreated. So for the universe to be in existence, by necessity, we could not have an infinite amount of creators, but instead would need an Ultimate Creator Who is Uniquely One, Eternal, and Self-Sufficient. That’s why a rational mind cannot raise the question, and if such question comes to anyone’s mind, he should seek refuge in God from being such ignorant.

“I can’t see God”

However, none of us has ever seen our great great great great great grandmother, neither do we have any access to her DNA, nor any testable evidence. But can we deny that she existed? No!

If God could be touched, felt, and seen, would that be God? How can Omnipotent God, the  irresistible, be limited within the capabilities of His creation? We cannot even look at the sun, which is a small star in the universe, then how can we look at God, the Creator of the universe? The sun cannot be looked at even on eclipse day because it really blinded many because of that..now how about the Light of Allah the Al Mighty. Dare anyone bear it? Neither Moses nor anyone could!

God created us in a way that we are not capable to see Him in this world. It is not possible to  discover God by our limited abilities, because He is outside the ‘creation box’, and He is not bounded by the laws of nature. God, the Exalted, is unlike His creation. It would be irrational to say that the Creator created us, and then became part of us or His creation. He is beyond the universe, and also beyond our imagination. But we can prove God through evidences and logic.

The complexity of the universe, the laws of nature, the brilliance behind every creation, and even the alternation of night and day are all evidences for men of understanding that there is a Wise. Creator Who has put this package together. We just need to humble ourselves to accept this truth

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