Why Did Prophet Muhammad Marry More Than 4 Wives if the Limit for Muslim Men is 4?

Allah gave Prophet Muhammad PBUH an exception to marry more than four wives out of His Infinite Wisdom. However, when one examines all of the Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH marriages, one can see that each and every one of them had benefit for the Muslims and wisdom behind it. To give a simple example, when the Prophet PBUH got married to Juwairiyah, this resulted in thousands and thousands of people becoming Muslim. Additionally, it doesn’t make sense that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH married more than four wives solely for lust. This is because it is authentically narrated that Prophet Muhammad PBUH was offered by the pagan arabs kingship, leadership, and wealth, but the Prophet PBUH refused all of this. Why would He do that if all He cared about is this world? On top of all this, there were many other rulings that Allah put on the Prophet PBUH that would not be there if he was a liar. For example, at one point, the Prophet PBUH was prohibited to marry any more women. Also, the Prophet PBUH was ordered by Allah that he had to fight in wars. If he was a liar and wrote the Quran himself, he could’ve easily exempted himself from this and he could’ve told the people he needs to stay safe in order to relay the message. However, one can see that this isn’t the case. Therefore, the claim that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH just had lust for women is a baseless claim. When the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was at his prime and youth, he only married one woman, and she was older than him, and he never even got married to anyone else until she passed away. After that, he married more wives but they were all for a specific beneficial purpose or reason. That’s why when one looks at the evidence, it is clear that the idea of the Prophet PBUH marrying more than four wives for lust doesn’t add up. Rather, one should look at all of the marriages of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and see the benefits that came from them.

To conclude, it should be noted that in Pre-Islamic Arabia, they used to bury their daughters alive, as having a daughter was seen as a disgrace. Women were treated as property with no rights at all. Even in the western world, women were deprived of many of their rights until recently, such as voting. Islam liberated the women, gave them honor, dignity, and their due rights. This is why, despite all of these outrageous, ongoing allegations against the way Islam treats women, most people who convert to Islam are in fact women!

And Allah knows best.