Why Pork is Forbidden in Islam

(part 1 of 2): Obeying the laws of God Islam is a holistic way of life, taking into account physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being, each a separate but overlapping part of the structure of a human being. God created us with a purpose; to worship Him, (Quran 51:56) but He did not abandon us to … Read more

Misconceptions about Allah

(part 1 of 3): Is Allah God? Yes, Allah is God. He is Allah, the One and Only. He is the same God worshipped in the Jewish and Christian faiths and is recognisable as such. Across the globe and throughout history people of all faiths and beliefs have turned towards God, or a supreme deity, … Read more

Religious Mysteries 101 – The Crucifixion

Of all the Christian mysteries, none rank as highly as the concept of Christ’s crucifixion and atoning sacrifice. In fact, Christians base their salvation on this one tenet of faith. And if it really happened, shouldn’t we all? If it really happened, that is. Now, I don’t know about you, but the concept of Jesus … Read more

Misconceptions about Islam

What do you REALLY know? Islam is one of the world’s largest religions yet it is also one of the most misunderstood. For various reasons – be they political, economic, biased media or fear of the “other” – mistruths and misconceptions have been spread about Islam. The key to understanding Islam and Muslims is to … Read more

Islam is not a Religion of Extremism

Allah says: “…Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” Qur’an 5:32   Islam… an extreme religion? “Islamic terrorists!” “Muslim fundamentalists!” “Extremists!” “Radical Islamists!” These are just … Read more


(part 1 of 2): A Review First, a knowledgeable Jew or Christian knows full-well that slavery is discussed in the Bible. The Jewish law has much to say about slaves and their treatment. This matter is not open to debate. It is a fact every rabbi and trained pastor is aware of. Second, just as … Read more

What Does Islam Say about Terrorism?

Islam, a religion of mercy, does not permit terrorism. In the Quran, God has said: “God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers.” (Quran 60:8) The Prophet Muhammad, may the … Read more

Was Islam Spread by the Sword?

It is a common misconception with some non-Muslims that Islam would not have millions of adherents all over the world, if it had not been spread by the use of force. The following points will make it clear, that far from being spread by the sword, it was the inherent force of truth, reason and … Read more

An Introduction to Polygamy in Islam

Islam is criticized for allowing polygamy, for popular culture in the West views polygamy as relatively backward and impoverished. For many Christians, it is a license to promiscuity, and feminists consider it a violation of women’s rights and demeaning to women. A crucial point that needs to be understood is that for Muslims, standards of … Read more