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Why do Women Have to Cover up in Islam and not Men?

It is completely false that men don’t have to cover up in Islam. Men are required to cover from their naval to their knee, and if he shows other parts of his body that he knows will cause temptation and will open doors to other evils, he has to cover it up as well. Now … Read more

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Is the Testimony of One Male Equal to Two Women in Islam?

Long story short, this is only in some cases. In other cases, which the enemies of Islam don’t like to bring up, a woman’s witness is sufficient, while the man’s witness is not accepted at all. In many other cases, a woman’s testimony is exactly the same as a man’s. In fact, in the most … Read more

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What is the Jizyah?

Many enemies of Islam try to claim that the jizyah is a non-Muslims tax, and this is far from correct. Every government needs funds to provide services to its citizens. This happens in many countries in the form of tax, where citizens will get taxed for their property, whatever they buy, and their income. However, … Read more

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Why Did Khidr kill a boy in the Quran?

In Chapter 18 of the Quran, Allah says, “So they proceeded until they came across a boy, and the man killed him. Moses protested, ‘Have you killed an innocent soul, who killed no one? You have certainly done a horrible thing.’ He answered, ‘Did I not tell you that you cannot have patience with me?’” … Read more

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Is the Punishment for Homosexuality in Islam Death?

In Islam, many scholars are of the view that committing homosexuality is worse than committing regular adultery, and there are others of the view that it is similar in punishment. Therefore, if one understands this, one should look at the detailed explanation over the justification of the punishment for adultery on our website, under the … Read more

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Is the Punishment for Stealing in Islam Cutting Off One’s Hand?

Islam is a realistic religion. Islam doesn’t always give just one ruling no matter what the situation is. If an Islamic court orders a thief’s hand to be cut off, there is a very strict criteria that has to be met. First of all, the stolen property has to be something of worth. It also … Read more

Is the Punishment for Adultery in Islam Death?

There are two different types of unlawful sexual intercourse in Islam: fornication and adultery. Fornication is the unlawful sexual intercourse of someone who is not married and was never married before. The punishment for fornication is getting flogged 100 lashes. Adultery is unlawful sexual intercourse of someone who is married or was previously married before. … Read more

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Is the Punishment for Apostasy in Islam Death?

Under a Islamic country that is in accordance with the Sharia, public apostasy comes under two types: ordinary apostates and extreme apostates. Ordinary apostates are those who publicly come out as apostates but don’t want to wage war against Islam. Such people would not be put to death immediately; rather, they would be asked to … Read more

Is Slavery Allowed in Islam?

The Sharias rulings on how to capture and treat slaves are the most humane out of any other civilization. First of all, the only way to capture a slave in Islam is through captives of war. Therefore, you can never make a free man or woman in Islam your slave. It is also not based … Read more