Obsessed With Defamation and Slander

By Imam Zaid Shakir   Recently, 28 million copies of the anti-Islamic propaganda documentary, Obsession, were distributed free of charge in what are being considered the “swing” states in the current election campaign. This effort is clearly designed to leverage the idea in the minds of some Americans that Senator Barack Obama is a Muslim … Read more

Christian Missionaries on the Historical Method and Science of Hadith

By Bassam Zawadi   Missionaries raising polemics against Islam have a constant habit of citing from what Muslims deem to be weak sources. They think that the Western historical method is superior to the Muslim’s historical method of verification. Thus, when they examine our Islamic sources they apply their own standards and reach different conclusions … Read more

Refutation to ‘The Real History of the Crusades’

By Kadafi   The historical distortion perpetrated on historical thinking by Thomas F. Madden is not a new fallacious concept introduced by contemporary Christian revisionists but has been prevalent since the emergence of Islam on world stage. For many centuries, the Christian historians and orientalists directly promulgated lies and fabrications about Islam in order to … Read more

Does Allah Seek Repentance?

By Bassam Zawadi   Some Muslims are facing difficulties with passages such as Surah 2:37, 54, 160 and others, which state that Allah repented. Most, if not all, translations would translate the Arabic word for repent as meaning “relenting towards” or “pardoned”. The reason for this is because that is the correct meaning. In English … Read more