Beautiful Qualities of Prophet Muhammad

Mercy to all mankind Hadrat Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) said: the Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) was asked to curse the infidels. He said, “I have not been sent to curse people but as a mercy to all mankind.” (Muslim) Mother of faithful believers Hadrat Aisha (may … Read more

Meet the Prophet Muhammad

by Imam Kamil Mufti “I began to look at him and at the moon, he was wearing a red mantle, and he appeared to be more beautiful than the moon to me.” (Al-Tirmidhi) This is how Jabir ibn Samura described the Last of the Prophets, the Chief of the Pious, the Prince of the Believers, the … Read more

Muhammad (PBUH): The Final Prophet of God

Muhammadp, the final prophet of Islam, is widely considered one of the most influential men in history. Today, nearly one fourth of the world’s population follows the message he delivered. Despite Muhammad’s lasting influence, many misconceptions continue to surround his persona and his teachings. This brief introduction of Muhammad summarizes his life and highlights what … Read more

Who is Muhammad?

The Final Prophet We believe that all Prophets received divine inspiration to propagate the message of “One God”. This includes Adam, Moses, Noah, David, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad (being the final and seal of all prophets). We do not worship any of the prophets, nor do we say they wrote the messages, they are simply … Read more