Is the Punishment for Homosexuality in Islam Death?

In Islam, many scholars are of the view that committing homosexuality is worse than committing regular adultery, and there are others of the view that it is similar in punishment. Therefore, if one understands this, one should look at the detailed explanation over the justification of the punishment for adultery on this website, under the tabs “Misconceptions” and “Response to Allegations.” But to give just some information, Islam does not support or allow the action of homosexuality. A scholar once said, “The crime of homosexuality is one of the greatest of crimes, the worst of sins, and the most abhorrent of deeds, and Allah punished those who did it in a way that He did not punish other nations. It is indicative of violation of the fitrah (natural disposition), total misguidance, weak intellect and lack of religious commitment, and it is a sign of doom and deprivation of the mercy of Allah. We ask Allah to keep us safe and sound.” One might ask, “What if I only have feelings for the same gender? What if I was born like this? Is this not fair?” First of all, there are no support from any scientific studies nor experiments that people are born with attraction to the same gender. Yes, people may be born with gender dysphoria, but this does not result in same-sex attraction. Secondly, even if, for arguments sake, someone was actually born with feelings for the same gender, this is not an excuse to justify their actions. This is like saying, “if someone is born with more testosterone and has anger issues, it is okay for him to get mad and scream at people.” No one would ever accept this, because no matter what, it is never okay to let your anger out on others and hurt them. Similarly, it is never okay in Islam for people to act on same-sex feelings if they have them, as they will not only hurt themselves, physically and spiritually, but others as well. Moreover, if someone claims that they are incest and are in love with one of their close family members, like their mother or sister, everyone would completely reject this person and their ideas. Now how come this exact same analogy cannot be applied to homosexuality? In both scenarios, they really want to love that person and be with them forever, and both scenarios, from a health perspective, lead to diseases. How come everyone would reject one idea and not the other? This is why, only a couple of years ago, everyone in the world was against homosexuality, and it is punishable by death in the three major religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, And Islam. But due to the sins of people, things like this are now becoming justified. Allah has ordained and made two genders and this is the natural way humans reproduce, and if one tries to follow a way other than this, it is considered immoral. This is merely a test from Allah, and if one preserves and strives for the sake of Allah, Allah will reward them immensely.

But, as noted above, if one understands that homosexuality is as grave, if not, more grave than adultery, then one should go under the tabs “Misconceptions” or “Response to Allegations” to see the response in more detail. The post is titled “Is the Punishment for Adultery in Islam Death?” It should be noted that the punishment is for one who actually acts on his or her feelings; in other words, if someone is homosexual but doesn’t act on it, this is not a sin in Islam. In fact, he or she would be getting rewarded for their jihad, or struggle, for the sake of Allah.

And Allah knows best.