Is the Quran Just Another History or Poetry Book? – Ask A Muslim

Is the Quran Just Another History or Poetry Book?

The Quran is the Divine, literal word from Almighty God, revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH through Angel Gabriel AS. It is the criterion for truth, containing guidance for humanity to live by. The Quran cites lessons from preceding generations and the history of the Prophets so that we may learn from their experiences. It further teaches us about ourselves and our Creator, as well as the purpose of our existence, which is to acknowledge Allah by worshiping Him alone. Allah did not create human beings to simply wander aimlessly for play and amusement. This life is merely a test, where Allah will distinguish those who truly acknowledge Him and those who don’t. That’s why Allah sent down the Quran containing within it many miracles so that we can have no doubt in our hearts about its authenticity. That’s why the best way to discover what the Quran is really about is to read it for yourself!

And Allah knows best.