Why Does Islam get Attacked so Much?

Islam gets attacked so much simply because it is the truth. Imagine if there was some random religion that everyone knows is man-made and it isn’t really growing – people would never waste their time trying to attack such a religion. However, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and it is the only religion that stands up against the nonsense and evil that is so pervasive in this world. Therefore, many people see Islam as a threat to them, not only financially, but politically. Imagine a government who makes money off the suffering of people through businesses and companies of alcohol, gambling, prostitution, interest, etc. Now imagine Islam, which prohibits all of those things listed above, comes in and people are accepting it at a faster rate than any other religion. These people in power will therefore then see Islam as a threat and will have certain political agendas to try to stop it’s growth and make it look as bad as possible. However, despite Islam arguably being the most hated religion around the world, it is still somehow the fastest growing religion in the world. Who is doing all the work? The religion of Allah cannot be stopped even if the whole world was against it. That’s why Allah says in the Quran, “They wish to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah is to perfect His light, even though the disbelievers dislike (it)” (Quran 61:8).

And Allah knows best.