Ramadhan Planner

The Ramadan Planner is a dream come true! It’s not only a book in which one can jot down their goals and strategies to stay productive during Ramadan but it’s a collection of ideas and activities that help to build on one’s character and social work. I can’t wait to use it and share it … Read more

Right Hand

Why is the right hand preferred over the left hand when greeting, eating and in other cases? What is wrong with using the left hand for these purposes? It is part of Allaah’s complete blessing upon us and the perfection of this great religion, that Islam organizes all aspects of our lives. There is nothing … Read more


First, a knowledgeable Jew or Christian knows full-well that slavery is discussed in the Bible.  The Jewish law has much to say about slaves and their treatment.  This matter is not open to debate.  It is a fact every rabbi and trained pastor is aware of. Second, just as the Jews and Christians do not … Read more

My Hijab is My Freedom!

Hijab, or head piece…or head cover. Or scarf, or headscarf- they all pretty much refer to the same thing: the head covering of a Muslim woman. The word is originally Arabic, and is literally defined as “Cover” or “veil”. Though this word has been confined to the piece of material which is used to cover- … Read more

Deny God, Deny Reality

There is a profound question that each and every one of us reflects on at some point during our lives: “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” When we reflect upon our own existence we will come to the realisation that, at some point in time, we began to exist. Since we once did … Read more

The Judicial System in Islam

INTRODUCTION Man is a social being by nature.  He cannot live perpetually on his own, completely independent of others.  People are interdependent.  Consequently, friction arise between them when their personal interests come into conflict with each other, or when what they perceive as their individual rights infringe upon those of others.  Conflicts between them inevitably … Read more