The Guiding Principles of Faith: Sincerity, Honesty, and Good Will in Islam

Introduction In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful In Islam, we must always practice our faith with sincerity (al-ikhlas), honesty (al-sidq), and goodwill (al-nasihah). Each of these virtues includes a vertical dimension (in relation to Allah) and a horizontal dimension (in relation to other people); they tell us how to behave with Allah … Read more

Eight Major Events That Shook the World in Ramadan

Beginning with the descent of the Quran, the month of Ramadan has always signaled a month of important historical events. We’ve compiled a short list to capture only a selection of these great feats: 1.     The Quran was revealed. As Allah mentions in Surah Al-Baqarah, Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. “The … Read more

Haajar, the Migrant – Symbol of Dignity

Hajj is a symbolic demonstration of Muslims unity and harmony; of equality and humility. It is a perpetuation of the legacy of the house of Abraham (peace be upon them). Prophet Abraham was the first to announce the pilgrimage to hijjul-bayt/ journey to the House; a “house” whose grandeur lies in the basic, simple undecorated … Read more

Why Don’t Muslims Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Short Answer: If you look into history and origins of Valentine Day, plus the values this celebration promotes today, the answer to your question will be very clear. Muslims don’t blindly follow the crowd when it comes to celebrations of any kind. Islam promotes love among people and the exchange of gifts is one way … Read more

Ramadhan Planner

The Ramadan Planner is a dream come true! It’s not only a book in which one can jot down their goals and strategies to stay productive during Ramadan but it’s a collection of ideas and activities that help to build on one’s character and social work. I can’t wait to use it and share it … Read more


First, a knowledgeable Jew or Christian knows full-well that slavery is discussed in the Bible.  The Jewish law has much to say about slaves and their treatment.  This matter is not open to debate.  It is a fact every rabbi and trained pastor is aware of. Second, just as the Jews and Christians do not … Read more